what is a good digital camera

Thanksgiving fit to send their loved ones to recommend Canon consumer cameras

Canon S120

Canon S120 uses a 1/1.7 inch 12 million pixel back-illuminated CMOS image sensor, 5x optical zoom also makes them a lot of improvements, the use of DIGIC6 and intelligent image processor with the latest anti- IS HS SYSTEM shake system. In addition, the Canon S120 S110 before optimizing the wifi wireless sharing capabilities, while its video mode is further upgraded. Overall, S120 is a demand for a high-quality image quality compact body while the tendency of professional users.


Compared S110, Canon S120 camera is almost no positive adjustments, even with the same period in addition to models released S200, the distinction is difficult to see the difference - is still一枚three- lens, Canon's traditional logo, model and wifi sticker labeling functions, in addition to the focus assist small warning lamp. A similar body shape can be understood, after all, is a routine upgrade .

what is a good digital camera? And it appears from the back and before the S110 does not seem to change, but attentive friends will find here has made a major upgrade - yes, the whole piece is seemingly increasing display, or 3.0-inch touch screen, but the pixel has been raised to 92 million pixels, the touch screen to upgrade a better perception. In addition, the touch screen is capacitive screen, support two touch, you can click to select the focus point with your fingers, or playing back photos with your finger zoom, like cell phones when. And before the operating speed is similar.

How to use an unlocked phone

Many people will wonder how to use an unlocked phone, now in the following we will teach you how to use an unlocked phone!


1, Understand the unlock devices that your operators support, in the US, all the GSM operators need the unlocked phone. AT&T users need the cell phone and the 850MHz calling support, and the demand of the clients of T-Mobile company is 1900MHz. Please contact with your operators and consult whether they support GSM and what is the frequency of their web operation.


2, Confirm the functions of these data, they are helpful.Mobile data including GPRS/EDGE (all the operators in the US support this) and 3 G technology, including the 850 MHZ in the spectrum, AT&T and the 1700 MHZ AWS spectrum for t-mobile. Ask you what is the carrier of the 3 G frequency, they support. Should provide the specifications of the phone on the list this information.

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3, Make sure other line needs, including Wifi, USB and bluetooth. For music, search for “A2DP” technology through bluetooth. And GPS can also in many unlock devices.

4, The choice between the touch phone and the non-touch phone. The non-touch cell phone can offer rapid single hand operation and the touch screen cell phone can offer bigger display size and stronger processor, and multi-tasks handlings. You can consider the multi-point touc screen and the single point touch display screen.

5, Make sure the demand for camera. Remember, a standard camera pixel is not exist. Currently, 5 million pixel or higher has become the standard. For night photographing, we suggest strong flashlight or dual LED flashlight as the lowest demand.

6, Make sure your application demand. Windows Mobile and BlackBerry offer the best e-mail support( Microsoft Exchange and BlackBerry e-mail , while Google’s Android and iPhone devices support better consumer’s application procedures).

7, Find the guarantee repair term of the cell phone. Nokia offers many cell phones like that in America, HTC. However, many phones offer unique international guarantees. It is important for you to find a repair guarantee-with cel phone or exchange the phone.

We believe you will learn a lot about how to use an unlocked phone from the above article, now based on these information, you can use an unlocked phone.