Dyson leaps into lighting


The CSYS task light's efficient LED technology was inspired by technology used to cool satellite systems. (Image: Dyson)

Dyson is widely known for its futuristic vacuums, Airblade hand dryers, and bladeless fans and heaters.

Now, it hopes to be known for something else: efficient LED lights.

The company announced on Friday that it is entering the lighting market with the CSYS task light and the Ariel ceiling light. Dyson's new lights use a technology that reportedly resolves the overheating problems that many existing LED lights suffer from.

"We’ve been developing technology to harness the power of LEDs for over ten years, creating lights for the home which are long-lasting and produce a high quality of light," Jake Dyson, James Dyson's son who is joining the company, said. "Our cooling technology sits at the core, and means we’re able to use a high density, high powered LED light source which our competitors can’t."

The CSYS task light can be positioned in almost any position using its "3 Axis Glide" system. (Image: Dyson)

The lights use "heat pipe technology, which dissipates heat generated by the LEDs through an aluminum heat sink." The younger Dyson says the technology was inspired by satellite cooling systems and allows the company's LED lights to be more energy efficient, brighter and last up to 37 years.

By comparison, non-Dyson LED lights last anywhere between 5-17 years.

The Ariel ceiling light will be available later this year. (Image: Dyson)

Suited for tables, the CSYS task light uses eight LEDs and features touch-sensitive controls for precise illumination adjustments. The Ariel led ceiling light is designed for offices, boardroom tables and kitchen islands.

Dyson didn't specify a release date or pricing, but judging by the premium pricing for the company's vacuums and home appliances, you can probably expect the two lights to fetch a pretty penny.

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