Stir up big trouble little laser pointer


OFweek laser Reuters - mentioned laser pointer (Laser Pointers), surely we are not familiar, the little things the size of a lipstick, what can be emitted by a small red or green. When do you use PPT report will often hold it, it emitted by the light spot pointing on the screen. Even many children's toys will have something similar, such as a variety of cute graphics to draw on the walls. On the site of a famous retail cursory search, many sellers, the price is mostly between 30 to 50 yuan, can be described everywhere everyday. But is such a small thing, indiscriminate, will stir up big trouble, you believe it? Red Laser Pointers
Examples of abuse laser pointer, I am afraid we are most familiar with is a football hooligan. Yes, whether at home or abroad, the football game is not difficult to see this little devil's shadow. For example, in June of this year Super League match at home to Tianjin Teda on Guangzhou Yang Hao team members takes the corner at the critical moment, and was irradiated with a laser pointer dazzling fans something happened.

In March of this year's European Cup preliminaries, by interfering laser pointer is an England player Tony Parker. In some of the earlier 2008 European Cup knockout, Lyon fans repeatedly irradiated with a laser pointer C Luo face that was televised in both the C-face to capture a piece of the green lens, and afterwards led to Manchester United team outcry. Blue Laser Pointer
But compared to football bad behavior, there is a case of abuse of a laser pointer, but the consequences could be far worse.
Recently, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the US Aviation Administration (FAA) and other agencies have said that those who use the laser pointer would endanger aviation safety behavior punished. Blue Laser Pointers




However, two flowers, one for each table. Behavior involved in the game of course green laser hateful. But as a battle-hardened goalkeeper Akinfeev is not professional performance,Laser Pointers is also worthy of his own reflection. When kick each other's defense, Akinfeev's attention was not on the game itself. When the other party has kick, Akinfeev hesitation eventually led to the Russian team lost the ball. This was the second time the World Cup Akinfeev serious mistakes, resulting in the victory of the Russian team missed. Opener South Korea, Lee Keun-ho threat does not face big shot, the ball fell into the goal even Akinfeev.high power laser pointer This war, he was there such an attack errors. Without him this two turnovers, the Russian team has achieved two wins and one loss record, head cut from the team.
Akinfeev's fall cause for regret. He was born in 1986, since 2004 has been selected for the national team for 10 years. During this period, he played in the national team and the club more than 400 games in all competitions, with CSKA Moscow won the 17 titles, he also won six times Yashin Award (Best Russian goalkeeper), three times elected to Russia Football honors the best goalkeeper, 1st get the best player in the Russian super, and also in 2008 was elected as Europe's best young goalkeeper ...... however, is such a talented goalkeeper,laser pointers for sale but two major mistakes in the World Cup, which directly ruined the Russian team's future. This is really incredible.