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On October 4, the Brazil's development,A noble woman can have nothing but Women boots which can make them look more elegant and attractive. industry and the foreign trade department foreign trade Secretariat release 2011 No.48 announce, decision to import the shoe start anti- evade a survey.Shoe module(southern total city tax 64061000, 64062000 and 64069900) and import that produced from China at first all are investigating inside the scope from the shoe(southern total city tax 6402-6405) of Vietnam and Indonesia.This case survey expects to is to June, 2011 for July, 2010.

Announce according to Ba Fang, relation square should from announce to start to release the 20th inside apply for to register to take part in a survey, and attach respectively law to represent a pronouncement.The relation square has opportunity to hand in it to think related written material and evidence.The Air max 2009 shoes are already one of the more popular hybrid silhouettes in recent memory.Expecting to investigate an organization will choose to Ba export the quantity have to issue a survey questionnaire than the biggest relation square, the questionnaire replies in response to the self-moving rise on the 30th inside hand in.

Piggy Luo ambition Xiang singing performance tonight spring state opening the United States gram the

Turn an eye, the horary annual rings walks to October 8, 2011, tonight,The most commonly used special programmed for social science in Jordan Fusion Max Shoes, sunglasses, cheap shoes, and cheap belts piggy Luo ambition Xiang 2011"dance method dance sky" of"10,001 nights" world circuit the singing performance spring state station will formally uncover a mysterious veil in the spring state straits athletics gymnasium in the center, but as the business enterprise of one of the ten greatest sports brands in China, Fukien the United States the gram is recreational athletics thing limited company, for mean as to it's image spokesperson Luo great strength support of the ambition Xiang, will carry on the whole distance hat sponsor to the singing performance.

Beautiful gram of athletics from establish, always insist take"improvement mankind's life style, promote mankind's quality of life" as social mission, well develop the team cooperation spirit, try to be practical a work, enhance a management, continuously creative.Have already developed to become up to now gather a molding tool development and exercise the recreational shoe material, shoe and clothing development, production and sale are at the integral whole of modern large business enterprise.Is beautiful gram of to successively appoint Sun Yan Zi and Asia to lately dance king and hot idol star Luo the ambition Xiang serve as the company brand image spokesperson, and always concern and support wear it image spokesperson, this time is after sponsor Sun Yan Zi and Luo ambition Xiang many singing performances after the United States gram another Qing feeling sponsor.Instead of more common Nike Football Shoes operating systems the iPad adopts the same operating system as the iPhone

Doraemon:Loud and clear childhood, loud and clear 2012

In September, the Wei's preface belongs to three seasons, the vogue advertises for a distance, loud and clear ex- go.Recently, "is loud and clear 2012" Doraemon brand 2012 spring new products ordering will be solemn and impressive in Doraemon brand marketing center to hold, the total generation from the whole whole country and bought hand teams to take part in this time meeting, Doraemon again with the loud and clear note, sing to ring childhood, sing to ring 2012.

In 2011, child thing profession the competition play more strong more, product of turn with quality, brand of substantial turn, the mode of marketing turn etc. also follow, continuously extending of the scale, continuously narrowing of the profits, resulted in a confused conflict with complicated field situation.And at this time, Doraemon adjusts current in the market, with the special taste, the thinking of the creativity , in the new quarterly, looks for 11 slices of green, bring to hope world and also give to infuse into one this seasonal changes at the same time organic, this not only is only the product that is full of new meaning, but also is a sharing of wealth.

The order meeting Doraemon to aim at brand strategy of afresh deployment and in 2012 market of development trend, call each province business agent to carry on brand skull practice, adjust and follow brand strategy in time according to the situation, adopt various measure, promote brand value and product affixture value.The Air max 2009 shoes are already one of the more popular hybrid silhouettes in recent memory.At the same time, speed the development progress of athletic shoes, fusion creativity principle and the international vogue fad chemical element, with the proportion that this increases athletic shoes, exaltation market share, thus and quickly form to particularly sell the luck camp the system,Smith, the Jets' Mr. Everything, scored on an 89-yard kickoff return during which he lost his left winter snow boots and also had a 53-yard touchdown run in New York's 26-10 victory over Cincinnati on Thursday night. promote brand in the competition ability and the operation ability in the market

Loud and clear childhood, loud and clear 2012, Doraemon this time new product creativity Fen presents, in riotous profusion colorful, Doraemon crosses over new height with the vibrant innovation activity, at new period, popular of color, the style of vogue, carefully selected material, respond to the dynamic state of market, greet a future challenge, at lately an of in the development, carry out leaping of brand!

The great occasion of nation goes on a tour to need careful, card west the dragon are concomitant wi

The joys in the whole whole country celebrates atmosphere while accompanying with great occasion of nation to pour to account gradually strong.Come to CPI to anticipate a rising in a row for a few months, go on a tour price to also change with each passing day a ground of renewal, is an important index sign of the reflection"citizen happy index number"-tour, still keep pointing to fine life vision of citizen and life ambition.However, before traveking, please check your travelling bag, work well to prepare a work, then, start to be a happily but healthy route of travel.Card west the dragon prepared some regulations that go out to play for you and provided you with the reference:
A, go out a tour must pick regular travel agency, don't believe a black guide, so just can the rights of the biggest degree ground protection oneself.
Two,The most commonly used special programmed for social science in Jordan Fusion Max Shoes, sunglasses, cheap shoes, and cheap belts must sign detailed contract with travel agency before going on a tour, ask travel agency to provide explicit hodometer, mark clearly shopping to order and shopping number of times, engagement accommodation standard with self-provided item etc. contents, and draft both parties' right and obligation, this once fulfilling contract to appear dispute because of all of the travel agency not yet finished, the visitor has the maintenance the emollient weapon of he or she's rights.
Three, attention wealth and properties safety, the valuables along with takes and travel medium don't easily accompany with stranger, defending the person's heart can not have no, can not even believe lightly an others speech and sincerely defend to fall into trap to cheat.
Four, understand destination the weather in advance.Want to pay attention to the weather and temperature of going on a tour the destination in advance.Increase or decrease clothes appropriately, keep healthy, go process in in very important.
Five, the common saying say:"Adopt the customs of the natives".Suggest before goes, carry on to the race customs thorough understand, get into national minority to gather to reside area of tour, respect their traditional customs and the taboo in the life, slicing can not neglect etiquette and custom or because of activity up of carelessly but hurt their race sense of prides.
Card west dragon's devoting Yu don't create Chinese child's thing first brand, insist that the difference turns a marketing strategy, determine brand the decision of development, follow close behind a profession development step, take orders to internationalize taste, win a market by precise fixed position, always pay attention to the healthy happiness growth of Chinese child, the assertion and national child grow up to claim for brand together, with the internationalization, the vogue turn of the brand principle provide healthy and comfortable vogue thing for national youth's child.A noble woman can have nothing but Women boots which can make them look more elegant and attractive.

"Use work Huang" forces capital from Taiwan shoe's Qi to transfer toward the west

3 year agos, week western China county in Henan burst out a Taiwan-made shoe factory, this let native son rather the feeling is surprised.Make the native son surprisingly more BE,The most commonly used special programmed for social science in Adidas shoes, sunglasses, cheap shoes, and cheap belts all of the shoes of this Taiwan-made shoe factory export Europe and America.Why will western China county draw on capital from Taiwan shoe Qi?

"The farmer is in oneself's home can produce, we this kind of production mode is very successful."(Taiwan)vice president, Guo Shu Jun, of the Xie Ye company of Kai Hong say, the shoe factory constucts 7 to process a net to order in 6 villages in the region, after training, farmer not village can to process the net of shoes to order work.

Guo Shu Jun tells a reporter, of so get here to set up factory, on being the west China county's special policy for set Qi, two is here have abundant labor force, root need not be worried about the problem of "use work Huang".She says that next move, the company will also increase 4 to process a net to order and form shoe to process commercial center.

The company from Taiwan rich allied international invest CNY 110,000,000 in 2008 build, is gather shoe production, develop, examination in integral whole of outward processing trade business enterprise, anticipate to produce 4,000,000 pairs of fashionable dresseses women's shoes this year, carry out foreign trade export USD 12,900,000.

In Guo Shu Jun's impression, "use work Huang" of the south of the mainland begins from 2006, a large numbers of circumlittoral business enterprises include set Qi to be subjected to impact, and then labor force cost ascension, the factory even could not recruit a worker during Chinese New Year and directly influence the production plan of factory.Be subjected to factor check and supervisions, such as land and water electricity...etc. in addition, the business enterprise wants to expand to be large-scale to become an abnormality difficult.

"We BE'make track for'wear farmer work to here, their many people returns to village an employment."Guo Shu Jun says that company existing more than 2000 persons of employee, 90% is above a west China local residents, this in the center again have 80% above is a farmer work.We 2 plan to recruit more than 2000 persons again, "let them at" family"work, the problem of labor force is here need not worry."

Is more important, the company is in Dongguan, Guangdong monthly give the worker's wages is 2000-3000 dollars the etc. don't arrive 2000 dollars on the average at my each worker's wages not.Guo Shu Jun said that even if worker's training is a very great problem, a lot of farmer work technical abilities are a piece of"blank sheet of paper", but"start to calculate Zhang, be still this place worthwhile."

To this, is located in the treasure Chang Xie Ye companies that Henan hands a ditch county(Taiwan) to also mean, the labor resources is ample is decide one of the key factors that sets up factory here.Representative director Lu Hui says that the shoe factory belongs to an intensive type of labor a business enterprise, from the southeast coast go toward the west's transfering is an inevitable trend, "believe to will have more set Qis'the west move to go up north'.asics shoes sale has announced the release of the new X-24 Hot irons. The company is touting them as the longest and most accurate irons the company has ever made."

The reason from China county in the west of Henan city is handsome beautiful to say, oneself is in Dongguan, Guangdong ever on taking to work for more than 3 years, although it is said the wage rate was higher, but"consumed level also high, at outside last toilet will one dollar."

"A lot of of my sister colleagues all came back from the south."Manage handsome beautiful mean, "family" part-time job can't exist this problem now, importance of is to got off work and then can go home, usually can with parents together.

Is mainland rent service to output the biggest province, farmer work in Henan appears the trend of returning to village the part-time job.Village labor force in the province transfered to work last year the total amount reached to 2361 myriad people and worked in at save wife count is 1142 myriad people, had 48.33%.The analytical personage thinks that this also urges more capital from Taiwan business enterprises to transfer to the west in the mainland.