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As more people deal with two working parents and seniors become old, Canadians will require the services of caregivers.

The Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration has been learning the matter of Temporary Foreign Workers. Board members have been aware of the punishment of caregivers by greedy agencies and businesses. Individual members have heard about other violations even as we handle components and members of the affected areas.

Caregivers are falling through the cracks of numerous national and provincial government departments. Recruiting and Skills Development Canada is responsible for identifying the need for caregivers and giving a Market Opinion (LMO ); Citizenship and Immigration Canada is responsible for granting the Temporary Foreign Worker Visas; Canadian Border Services Agency is responsible for history safety investigations and getting the caregiver; and, 13 provincial and territorial authorities are responsible for setting labour requirements and working conditions. Unfortuitously, it doesn't seem why these sectors are talking to each other or having a coherent technique for working with temporary foreign workers.

As a result of this, unethical organizations can make the most of the problem and abuse caregivers. That punishment varies from showing the caregiver that businesses have the directly to expect significantly more than an eight-hour workday to the confiscation of the caregiver's passport. To date, a lot of the caregivers in Canada are from the Philippines. While the Filipino consulates try to help workers, they're powerless to enforce Canadian labour laws and requirements.

It seems that, in the great majority of cases, whenever a caregiver complains about his or her working conditions, the Canadian company is given the main benefit of the doubt and the caregiver is requested to leave Canada or face removal. This sadly sweeps the issue underneath the carpet and nothing is completed to guard the average person caregiver or, in reality, caregivers in general.

While different ministers and departments have tried to handle the problems directly affecting their aspects of responsibility, only band-aid solutions have occurred and the situation only seems to get worse.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada seems to be the lead section regarding caregivers. Thus, the duty to give you the necessary solutions and accept responsibility must be that of the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. Unfortuitously, the present Minister of Immigration and Citizenship, Jason Kenney, has appeared unwilling to cope effectively with this specific issue. In fact, his only response has been to decelerate efficiently preventing caregivers from the Philippines from applying to come calmly to Canada. Since office was taken by the Harper Conservative the rejection rate has almost doubled.

There is, however, an easy means to fix this case treat caregivers exactly the same way we treat entrepreneurial immigrants. Once the caregiver arrives in Canada, they are offered status with a disorder that must be removed within three years. At the end of three years, to be able to reduce the situation, the caregiver must show he or she's worked as a caregiver for 2 of the last three years.

This would make certain that caregivers were not compelled to keep having an unprincipled company for anxiety about being deported and the caregiver wouldn't need to use firms which, in the past, have held them hostage. Caregivers must also be permitted, as entrepreneurial immigrants are, to create their loved ones to Canada using them. This may maintain strong family bonds and help with family cohesion.

Jim Karygiannis, MP, Scarborough-Agincourt

stories about nannies. I would prefer to put my name to the decision for regulation of nanny organizations and explain another level of fraudulent activity happening everyday. I recently attempted to put up Fendi Swiss Replica Watch a company in Ontario to position nannies currently in the united kingdom under the Live-in Caregiver Program. When a nanny exists a fresh career, the way of doing things is to complete paperwork Replica Pulsar Watches that takes, typically, about three months. Only then could the caregiver transfer to the employer's house.

All over Canada, agencies are informing businesses the caregivers could move around in right away and only be "paid cash" for the very first few months. The effect is that honest providers who follow the guidelines cannot participate. The employer simply progresses to an agency which will break the rules (though the employer is usually unaware of this) and place the nanny quickly. The scale with this illegal activity is astonishing.

Automatic Watch

I am in the process of concluding that portion of my business since the only way to effectively participate is to break the law. The persistent corruption within the market is choking out reliable company owners.

With regard to the false job offers outlined in your stories, every nanny who arrives in Canada from overseas needs to have a and a safe home the moment she arrives. Any agent who produces any such thing less should face legal action. These girls receive money about $400 per month in Asia and many experience psychological and physical abuse together with having to work 16- to 18-hour days. For them to encounter more punishment in Canada is unforgivable.

I am Canadian and my agency is fully certified in Singapore. In order to obtain that license, I had to have a course, create a number of tests and put down a deposit, which I will drop if I engage in illegal activity. The Canadian government must apply the same certification system and try to promote "Social Entrepreneurship," which gains all events in a socially responsible manner. The existing arrangement is merely not working.

Lisa Hynes, Canada's Most useful Nannies

Hats off to Dale Brazao and Robert Cribb for on unscrupulous nanny employers. There seem to be some uncertainty, nonetheless, from the reading public in that some opine that the recruitees are "illegals" unnecessary service is provided by who to parents who must otherwise stay home to mind their children. Caregivers not just babysit young ones, they also care for ill and aged in the ease of these homes and perhaps at nursing homes.

Regarding position of those dangerous recruits, they're not illegals because they put on work here and complied with the strict requirements of two Canada federal agencies and were issued valid work permits. They arrived in Canada in good faith only to find that a number of them were deceived by dishonest recruiters.

We heard the horror stories of a few of these girls arriving at Vancouver or Toronto airport and very nearly straight away being put straight back on get back flights without due process. These girls are victims, maybe not perps, thus ought to be treated as such with tenderness and respect. They should be allowed into Canada, not just as qualified and approved caregivers, but additionally as possible witnesses in investigations that the RCMP and Canada Border Services should be completing against these doubtful interviewers. Such agency was Replica Sales Versace Watches reported one by me to RCMP and Canada Immigration six years back and nothing has been done to date.

Jess B. Antonio, Past President, Philippine Chamber of Commerce, Toronto

I applaud the Star for its excellent series and urge you to continue your investigations and insurance of migrant workers who are being exploited by our, dare I employer-driven, immigration system.

From my experience talking with migrant workers in this province, one of the problems with the current process is that it ties an employee to one employer. Must neglect occur at the hands of an employer, there's of a three-month waiting period before Immigration and Citizenship may allow a brand new work permit.

Despite decades of adding to Canadian society through working, building social connections, and paying fees, we banish migrant workers from simple social process entry, such as for example knowledge, survival, EI and health care. Basically we're condoning the thought of being good enough to work, however not good enough to take pleasure from the fundamental human rights standards as Canadians.

Instead, I imagine many employees stay with abuse due to the guarantee of permanent residency and the risk of not having an income not to mention having to go through another employer to find another job.

Even though the company treats workers well, the employer-tied work permit and exemption from the social back-up develop a power difference that anyone could feel compromises their ability to remain true for fundamental rights like Workers Compensation or overtime pay. With the Live-in Caregivers Program, Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program and the growth of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, we truly need to change how migrant workers are addressed under working conditions that deny them the basic rights that all permanent residents and Canadians enjoy.

All Canadians must certanly be furious that this injustice remains to happen in a land and region such as ours.

Jessica Ponting, Justice for Migrant Workers, Toronto

Robert Cribb and Dale Brazao are to be congratulated for their investigative journalism in exposing the fraud, abuse and outright criminality endemic to this practice.

However, I find it difficult to think their education of incompetence traced to two and Immigration Canada. In the end, these are public servants the highly paid product of the harvest responsible and focused professionals who take their careers of protecting Canadian people from injury most seriously.

Just look at how Immigration with Border Services hunted down and exported illegal immigrants from Poland and Portugal who: overstayed their visas by several years, never believed welfare, started productive organizations, appointed up to 13 paid employees, had Canadian born kids who excelled at school, but did not wait in line or undergo proper channels.

I was pleased to be a Canadian watching how faithfully my tax dollars were being used to protect me from such dishonest conduct. Much better to acknowledge jihadists, gangbangers with guns, like the previously deported, the needy and dependent to benefit the necessity for policing and social service professionals. Keep out these dastardly self-sufficient kinds who leap the queue.

Mel Glickman, Toronto



Mallick: Womenas abortion rights might vanish if a fiery leader is chosen by the NDP doesnat  

“Women Can’t Be Trusted.” That’s the newest name that women activists at the NDP conference have given to Motion M-312, Tory MP Stephen Woodworth’s thus-far successful trek down the soft way of closing abortion rights in Canada. Girls are furious, and the NDP is hearing them.

The motto is not as snappy as my favorite, “Wombs for Woodworth,” but it has the advantage to be immediate, a lot better than the Kitchener MP’s own timid “Canada’s 400-Year-Old Definition of an Individual Motion M-312.” He’s passing himself off as a modernizer, this ludicrous MP who Tweets about his head cool and reports on his internet site, “All Canadians want the exact same things.”

Number. We don’t. I really hope your cold gets better. But we Glashutte Lady Serenade watches don’t all agree that a lady or a person must Michele Coquette watch be compelled to give birth. Please leave us alone, friend.

Woodworth pretends that allowing a female dominion over her own body is as conventional as carbon paper. Golly, let’s digitize these old principles for women and what continues Down There. He won’t make use of the word “abortion,” and I call that cowardly.

His development so far: in April, he will commence a Commons debate on building a Conservative-led MPs committee to decide how deeply the state may intrude in to the body cavities of each and every pregnant woman.

We could reasonably suppose the committee will find that life begins right at conception, once the egg and sperm meet. It could also start before that, who knows, when a man reaches orgasm and his semen trips preferably toward a lolling egg. I know, it’s difficult to think we’re discussing this again.

A woman’s uterus is not her very own, based on many Conservatives. I can not help envisioning bony — or indeed fat — government hands inside what I called “Ladyland” in a recently available line, for the absolute colloquial enjoyment of it. More really, these MPs desire to rule about what happens clinically in the vagina, cervix, womb and, let’s get breezy again, Female Whatnot.

Nevertheless the simple truth is, the Supreme Court decided the matter in 1988; the motion is legal absurdity created of misogyny, and it violates a woman’s directly to “life, liberty, actual security, mind and equality,” since the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada has elegantly set it.

The fact there's no legal case to make isn’t preventing Woodworth.

NDP women — and men — must make sure women’s rights are front and centre at the conference. Its way is got by a majority Conservative government on anything. The NDP needs a fiery leader who is able to win over Canadian voters on abortion rights, even if the Home of Commons votes against women.

There is certainly a war on women. It’s boiling in the U.S. right now, with not just by thugs like Rush Limbaugh sometimes, and contraception under risk and girls being tormented. Texas girls, told that their baby Graham Swordfish replica watch is awfully deformed and are affected constant pain, cannot now have an abortion without enduring ultrasounds, detailed fetal points, waiting times and wrong medical assistance that breast cancer is caused by abortion. The women sob and the physicians apologize repeatedly, saying the law makes them do that.

An Arizona bill would allow employers to not only won't pay for birth control but demote or fire girls who then elect to pay for their particular.

Women are responding with ridicule, publishing information of oral events on politicians’ internet sites and Facebook pages. Comedian/commentator Stephen Colbert, misplacing his blender, applied a ultrasound wand on his display — to produce margaritas.

Nonetheless it doesn’t change the truth that the most ancient politicians in the U.S. and Canada — elected partly because our political methods no longer attract the best, smartest people — are targeting girls, sex, modernity and urban ways.

So much is at stake here. Feminism has faded from the display. We women needed our rights for granted. The prospects for NDP leader are scarcely charismatic, Layton having failed to lick a heir. We are paying the purchase price now. The party needs a firebrand, a passionate heart, why not a yeller.

Will the brand new NDP leader have the courage, luck, intelligence and vigor to conquer a — if currently stifled — Conservative wish to end women’s directly to select? The problem is vital to how women vote, contribute and believe.

I watch the NDP and tremble money for hard times of our daughters.


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