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The shutdown of Servotronics' Aero Metal Products business and the sale of its Queen City Cutlery Co.All of the improvement in profits during the third quarter came from the turnaround at Servotronics' cutlery business, which makes knives for both military and recreational users.Servotronics executives said the increase in cutlery revenues stemmed mainly from higher sales of its military knives, which boosted the unit's overall sales to $2.2 million from $1.7 million a year earlier.Those gains were partly offset by a weaker performance by its Advanced Technology Group, which makes sophisticated motion control equipment for aerospace and military customers.Police were called to Giffard Park Primary School shortly before 3pm last Monday, responding to allegations that an 11-year-old girl had been threatened with a knife.The boy, in Year 6, is alleged to have threatened the girl with what is thought to have been a pen knife after a lunch time game "got out of hand".It's thought no teachers or school staff witnessed the incident at the time.

Police were called a couple of hours later and parents told after school had finished.A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said: "Police were called to Giffard Park Primary School at 2.51pm on Monday, November 4."Police officers attended the school, following which a pupil was issued with a Youth Restorative Disposal after admitting being in possession of a bladed article."Police say a Youth Restorative Disposal is a measure that offers a "quick and proportionate response to a young person's low-level offending".It is only possible to use a YRD for a first offence and both the victim and harmer must agree to participate.But an official reprimand is not good enough for some parents who contacted the Citizen to say their children are scared to go to school, with one even claiming that her daughter pretends to be unwell in a bid to avoid going to school and seeing the boy involved in the incident.A worried mum said: "He was suspended for four days but I don't think he should be allowed back in the school."I don't think the school is equipped to deal with such severe behavioural issues. I'm not sure any school would be."He has not been punished properly for it."The young boy is now said to be under the constant supervision of school staff.
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My Dad threw a fish slice at me the first time I dyed my hair. He found the packet in the bin, and lost it then and there. This was perhaps the weirdest incident that happened in all of my teenage years.I was about 15 at the time I think, 14 possibly, and I've still got questions around it twenty years on. My Dad didn't cook much. Why did he have a fish slice in his hand? Why, having been expressly told several times I was not allowed to dye my hair, would I have done so, and then left the packet in the kitchen bin, where my Dad would be likely to find it? And if he needed to find the packet in order to realise I'd dyed it, why did I even bother dying it at all?As an act of rebellion, it wasn't the most outrageous - I chose a colour pretty much identical to my own - but it tripped a switch alright. My father I think, was always slightly irrational when it came to my hair. He cried when I came home with it short the first time. Considering the state of the hair-cut-a layered job that made me look like a 70s football coach-this was an appropriate response.But hair was always sacred to him.By the time I hit my teens, requests to colour it were met with an purple face and a bellowed 'no'.

That's why I did it, obviously. Teenage girls exist for the simple expedient of pissing their fathers off. For me it was hair dye. It could just as easily have been a piercing, a knee-high boot, a short skirt, or a tattoo.The fish slice missed, and the colour washed out eventually, but I remembered that incident last week, in the midst of the latest moral panic, which has, miserably, predictably, given rise to the same old, tired lame-brain arguments over what a woman should and shouldn't wear.This discussion depresses me, but more than that, it fills me with an intense impatience for the day when we look back at the idea that a woman's outfit can trigger, explain or excuse an act of sexual violence against her, and we think it's quaint. Like how they thought the world was flat in the dark ages, or that the sun revolved around the earth.Indulgent bemusement is the attitude we take towards our forebears in these matters. That's exactly how our descendents are going to feel when they find out that some of us thought that rape is about clothes.Rape is not about clothes. Rape is about power, and violence, and taking what is not yours.
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Tadaa! Dry clothes!Like so many things, though, results will vary in practice. I don't have any personal experience with subfreezing clothes-drying, but my research has turned up plenty of anecdotes from people who have. It's a viable option for many, though it might take too long to be worthwhile for you. My advice: Try it and see how it works in Chicago's famously humid, bitterly cold winter. Watch the weather and try to time your laundry days for the most advantageous hang-drying conditions: You'll want to target warmer, sunnier, windier days and avoid those bone-chillingly humid ones. If you're experimenting with especially frosty conditions, wear gloves to protect your hands and pre-attach the clothespins to each item to speed hanging time. And if after all that, your duds are still damp? You can always toss them in the dryer on "air fluff" to finish them off, which is still an improvement over running the entire drying cycle.I'd be remiss if I didn't also point you to indoor drying racks for cold-weather laundry days.

Your laundry will draw the energy it needs to change water to vapor from your indoor air, slightly lowering the heat inside; and if you have a small space, it will be temporarily cluttered with an obstacle course of racks. If you're interested in this route, check out this past column for an overview of your options, from retractable clotheslines in the basement to collapsible racks that can be tucked away when not in use.Best of luck with your experiments this winter. And may I suggest that you use a fraction of your utility savings on some hot cocoa? I'll bet a nice, steaming mug will taste particularly delightful on your laundry days to come.You can tell a lot about a person by the clothes in their closet, but Lakeway resident Kay Andrews' clothes collection is more akin to a museum.Andrews is very active in her local community, having served on the City Building Commission, View Points and Lakeway Municipal Utility District. Andrews has lived in Lakeway full-time since 1999, but has been an avid collector of antique and vintage clothing, jewelry and accessories for much longer.
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There's also the question of cheese in an onion tart, the two whipping up some rambunctious flavours. Smith could be accused of dumbing down and I'm sure some won't approve but, on eating, I like the cheese in her tart's pastry.However, her onion topping – she melts butter, stirs in onions, balsamic vinegar and chopped sage, seasons and 'lets everything cook very gently without a lid, stirring often, for about 30 minutes' is not as texturally sound as the others I tried. It's a little slimy.Elizabeth David used to melt her sliced onions in bacon fat or beef dripping, so I tested this. It works wonderfully the bacon fat gives it a crispier finish.Of course, the pastry needs to be exemplary. In true Gallic style, Blanc includes egg in his. McEvedy's is made from olive oil with no butter, becoming a pizza-like dough. Mark Dantonio pulled Connor Cook. Cook expressed his disappointment. And one day later, Dantonio responded to that when asked if he's concerned about hurting the confidence of a young quarterback.

"I would hope not," the Michigan State coach said on a Sunday teleconference. "I mean, I put (Cook) in the game, we put him in the game, we started him. We had confidence coming out of the last game, we put him in a big game against Notre Dame and started him and kept him in there for 58 minutes. That's significant confidence. He struggled at times throughout the game and we didn't lift him. And I think it's important to recognize that fact."But we're not … in conflict here and I don't want our football team in conflict. But at the same time, we're coaching. We're coaching for the next play and right, wrong or indifferent sometimes, we're doing the very best we can do to try and have success for our football team. And that's the decision we made."The decision was to bring senior Andrew Maxwell in for Cook on the final, failed series in a 17-13 loss at Notre Dame on Saturday.Cook remains MSU's quarterback, though Dantonio did not give an emphatic endorsement when asked about Cook's performance at Notre Dame and status moving forward.
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It has become the first in the world to begin commercial production of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. It has set aside an area at its sprawling vehicle assembly plant in Ulsan, where it is taking standard ix35 SUVs that we can buy in New Zealand, and turning them into fuel cell electric vehicles or FCEVs.What this means is that right now if you are a motorist in Europe, USA or South Korea, you can pop into your Hyundai dealership and order the ix35 that has an electric motor and uses hydrogen as its fuel.Nobody has actually done that yet and a primary reason is that it's not cheap. While no retail prices are officially available, it is likely it will be six to seven times more than a standard petrol or diesel-fuelled ix35.But the big news is that it can happen.Not yet in New Zealand mind you, because we haven't got any facilities to refuel a vehicle with hydrogen. But you can guarantee that it will happen, because now that one company has commercialised hydrogen automotive technology, the others will quickly follow suit, and hydrogen will become an increasingly viable transport mode - just as hybrid technology did almost two decades ago.

Key to this improving viability will be the number of hydrogen refuelling stations for customers to use. At present there are 223 of them around the world, including 80 in Europe, 72 in USA, 22 in Japan, and 13 in Korea.This number is rapidly increasing. For example Germany alone expects to have 100 by next year and 400 by 2020. Norway, Sweden and Denmark are busy developing the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway which will feature 27 stations, while Italy is establishing a similar "Highway" designed to connect the country in a hydrogen way to Germany and Scandinavia.So even now, the Hyundai ix35 FCEV is entering a market scenario that is ready to accept it - even though one of the major problems it will immediately encounter is that most of the existing refuelling stations can only fill tanks to pressures of up to 250 bar, whereas the new Hyundai has tanks that need to be filled to 700 bar to achieve a range of almost 600 kilometres.But that will change, said Hyundai executives at a briefing for a New Zealand media contingent in Korea last week.
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