Submit Your Software to Gain Great Popularity  

How to sell a software product? Well, the basic means is to increase the exposure of your software at the place your target customers would see, that is to say, the download sites and search engine results are what you should attach importance to.

How to increase your software exposure at these places? To submit application you’ve developed to as many download sites as possible. It is an efficient advertising option that is focused mainly at shareware writers, developers as well as vendors who wish to save much time and efforts when advertising the software product. Advantages of software submission:

1) Increase download rate and produce more software sales.

2) Quick and effective method to promote your software product.

3) Find out the ratings available of your product.

4) Improve your link popularity and thus achieve better positioning in the most popular search engines.

And now you need only submit the PAD file of your software to those download sites instead of upload your software directly to them. However, PAD file submission, if done manually, is still very laborious. It may take more time than the time you develop this software since you need to register to the download sites, follow every rules and the required procedure (which might be very complex), deal with every submission failure and sometimes resubmit the software to various download sites.

Since manual submission is not advised due to its great cost of time and efforts, choosing a submission tool is your best choice. With the help of an auto submitter, you can submit your software to thousands of download sites within 20 minutes by simply clicking some buttons.

Worrying about the success rate of submission? No necessary! It knows exactly all the submission rules and steps of each site, and can automatically check the results (if unsuccessful, it will resubmit your software by itself). Therefore, if you really want simplify the whole process of submission and quickly sell your software, you can try to get this best promotion tool.


How to Quickly Accomplish PAD Submission  

PAD submission, which is also known as software submission, is the first step for software developers to release their newly developed software. After one round of submission, those who search for certain kind of software on software download sites would easily find your software and get the access to download and purchase it. Moreover, with the large volume of traffic brought by those download sites, the rankings of your own website will be greatly improved in search engine results. So that more potential customers will know your software by using search engines.

To accomplish PAD submission, you should first create PAD file of your software. PAD, short for Portable Application Description, is a kind of file that aids software authors to provide product descriptions and specifications to online sources in a standard way. It has a standard data format that will allow site owners as well as program librarians to automate program listings. PAD saves time for both shareware writers and website owners. It includes contact information about the writer, details about a program available for sale and its price. And you can use PAD generator to quickly create standard PAD file for you.

Then, you have to log in to all the major download sites, to register, and to submit PAD file. The manual way to do this would be tedious and laborious: You need to remember all username, email and password of any specific download sites, keep in mind the submitting rules of all major download sites, and follow every step to submit your software as required by these sites. Except these hard efforts, it is also time-consuming. You cannot submit your software to many sites at the same time but wait for every step to accomplished and move on to another.

Moreover, all the effort and time you’ve cost may bring little success, if any mistakes occur during your submission. Then you have to start the tedious work all over again. Is that frustrated?

Or you can choose submission software to automatically get all the work done. Such software can efficiently automate the entire process, enabling you to accurately submit as many products as you want to hundreds of free popular download sites worldwide. You can pick up a trustworthy one, and use it to increase your website ranking, download rate and the most important, your sales. You can have a try!