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Fashion outlet mall debuts


Fashion outlet mall debuts

With a flourish of colorful streamers seemingly falling from the skylights above and onlookers that included Gov. Pat Quinn, Fashion Outlets Chicago marked its grand opening in Rosemont Thursday. It is now the closest outlet mall to the city of Chicago.Find great deals on hotmkbags for michael kors wallet Michael Kors Hamilton Bags in "Women's Clothing, Handbags and Purses". Shop with confidence.

“We hope this becomes part of the daily life of this community and that the pride we put into it shows through for Chicago and Rosemont,” said Arthur Weiner, chairman of Fashion Outlets’ developer AWE Talisman, following a morning ribbon cutting in front of crowds of eager shoppers.

Court jesters in colorful costumes entertained in the aisles with ribbons and other props while children lined up to have their faces painted or receive a piece of balloon artwork.

Though it bills itself as an outlet mall, Fashion Outlets, located at River Road and Balmoral Avenue, is actually a mixture of more than 150 outlets, factory stores and brand-name retailers, in addition to a food court and the sit-down Villagio and Prasino restaurants. Stores range from high-end names like Last Call by Neiman Marcus, Barney’s New York Outlet,Find the latest collection of Michael Kors Wallets at hotmkbags. Bloomingdales Outlet Store,Discover the largest collection of cheap Michael Kors Handbags . Gucci and Coach, to the Children’s Place, Bath and Body Works and Forever 21.

More than six years in the making, Fashion Outlets also holds the distinction of being the “first two-level, fully enclosed outlet shopping center in the world,” according to Weiner.

Lines began forming outside several stores well before they opened, as shoppers hoped to be among the first to score a deal.

Quique Ballado and Brian Perille, both of Barrington, arrived at 5 a.m. with folding chairs,Shop the Michael Kors Crossbody Bags on the world's largest fashion site. camping out in the attached parking garage to score a spot at the front of the line outside the Nike Factory Store.

“Nike always pulls out crazy stuff the day it opens,” Ballado explained of their eagerness to get inside.

A line also formed outside the Gucci store, where women eyed a selection of must-have handbags in the display window.

One of them, Yvonne Asque of South Holland, was among a group of select shoppers to take part in an early-bird preview of some stores on July 30 ― but that didn’t stop her from returning on opening day and planning to come back yet again on Saturday.

“I went to Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus. I think I spent too much already, but I saved a little bit for today,” she said, laughing. “It’s beautiful. We needed this. We don’t have to go to Gurnee. We don’t have to go to Aurora.”

Barbara Stensland of Arlington Heights, with daughter Katie,Welcome to our michael kors outlet online shop! Here we sale Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel, bags, purses, wallets with very low price. Join us quickly! and her friends, Monica Behrmann and Stacie Palmer, were the first in line for the Tory Burch Outlet, a designer clothing, shoes and handbags shop.

“I was the catalyst of all this,” Stensland said. “I said, ‘It’s going to be like Black Friday. We have to go.’”

Gov. Quinn, making an appearance just prior to signing a bill legalizing medical marijuana in Illinois, touted the number of jobs Fashion Outlets has generated (estimated at 2,000), and a feature that allows passengers headed to O’Hare to check in and pick up their boarding passes inside the mall before taking a shuttle to the airport.

Fashion Outlets also sports large, vividly painted murals and other art installations as part of the Arts Initiative, an endeavor that places interactive visual art in public places.

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Adidas Springblade Shoe Review


Adidas Springblade Shoe Review

On the heels of the Energy Boost (made with a new technology bouncy foam sole that I'm a fan of), Adidas has released yet another shoe designed to put a spring in your step ― the futuristic Adidas Springblade ($180), available today. After testing the shoes for the last few weeks, here's what I think of them.

Once on,Welcome to our michael kors outlet online shop! Here we sale Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel, bags, purses, wallets with very low price. Join us quickly! I noticed that the Springblade run bigger than other Adidas shoes I have, especially in the toe box. It's enough to size down, however ― there just seemed to be a lot of room in the front. And while I like the design and color of the shoe, there's no escaping the fact that all those blades make a fashion statement, whether you like it or not! Expect comments from fellow runners.

There's a definite bouncy feeling of this shoe, and while it may look like they would weigh you down,Shop the Michael Kors Crossbody Bags on the world's largest fashion site. the polymer blades do just as advertised: they make you feel lighter on your feet. Each shoe features 16 of these blades, which are each individually tuned and angled to help propel you forward and encourage you to land on your forefoot. I was skeptical at first run but pleasantly surprised at how natural they felt once I started, although I am not a heel striker so I am not sure how much differently the blades would change my stride if I were. And while the shoe felt a bit more hefty than usual when I first picked them up, once on, I was actually surprised at how free my feet felt ― the lightweight and breathable Techfit mesh upper surely contributed. Even with the shoe's lightness, however, the blades offer great cushioning from impact; I have occasional knee pain when I run, but when wearing the Springblades I felt like the shoes did not aggravate my runner's knee as much as other shoes have.

Read more pros and cons of the Adidas Springblade shoe.

While the Springblade does a good job of providing enough cushioning to absorb shock while I ran, however, sometimes I felt a little too unconnected from the ground. While sprinting feels great in this shoe, as do regular three- to four-mile runs, walking to pick up a coffee after a run felt a bit unnatural, like I was balancing above the ground. In general, I'd probably stick to a more supportive shoe with a greater feeling of connection to the road for my next long-distance race (a half marathon), although I will see if I change my mind once I take these out for a few longer training runs.

Another problem I had with the blades ― after a dewy morning run in the park ― was how much caked-in mud the shoes had collected, making it necessary for me to take them off before I went back into my apartment. You'll want to stick to roads or the track in these if you don't want to be constantly cleaning your shoes.

My verdict? The somewhat pricey Springblades are a great option for the nonminimalist shoe fan looking for a lightweight shoe that encourages forefoot running, but the bouncy feel is probably not for everyone. I'd recommend giving these a try in the store before you, ahem, spring for them. Adidas Springblade are available now in Metallic Silver/Blast Blue and Blast Pink/Red Zest in women's.

For the past four years, the former San Diego singer and guitarist has been touring the world and recording as the lead vocalist and frontman in Sublime. The pioneering Long Beach ska-punk band was an increasingly dominant musical force from the late 1980s until 1996, when lead singer and guitarist Bradley Nowell died from a heroin overdose. Such Sublime songs as “What I Got,” “Santeria” and “Doin’ Time” helped the quintessentially Southern California band sell close to 18 million albums worldwide,Discover the largest collection of cheap Michael Kors Handbags . more than half in the U.S. alone.

In 2009, Nowell’s former band mates ― bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Bud Gaugh ― reactivated Sublime. They asked Ramirez, then 21, to fill Nowell’s formidable musical shoes. A subsequent lawsuit by Nowell’s estate led to the trio being renamed Sublime With Rome in early 2010. Gaugh quit in late 2011. He was replaced by drum dynamo Josh Freese, whose past credits include Nine Inch Nails, Guns N’ Roses and Sting.

“Bud is a very intense guy and knows what he wants, whether or not it’s better for the band,” Rome said Monday from a tour stop in Austin. “It’s a lot more pleasant with Josh.”

Sublime With Rome performs here Saturday at Sleep Train (formerly Cricket Wireless) Amphitheatre, where it headlines a lineup that also includes 311,Find the latest collection of Michael Kors Wallets at hotmkbags. Cypress Hill, Pennywise and G. Love & Special Sauce. It’s the second consecutive year Sublime With Rome has played at the enormous Chula Vista venue.

“I’m literally living my dream,” Rome said. “Because, before this band, I had a bunch of (crappy) jobs, like working at Staples. Nothing against Staples, but that job sucked. I also worked at Starbucks in Oceanside. That was OK.”Buy the Michael Kors Skorpios and luxury leather purses at hotmkbags.

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The Lowell Branch Bandit has struck again


The Lowell Branch Bandit has struck again

The Lowell Branch Bandit has struck again, and I’m really commencing to get seriously upset about this very confounding situation.

The capers or hits, or whatever you want to call them, started about a month ago shortly after Loretta bought several throw pillows for our front porch furniture. Four or five of them were green and two were shades of red and purple.

Around the first of July we had a storm one night and the next day Loretta announced that one of her pillows was missing. We looked all over the yard and garden, thinking that maybe wind had blown it off the porch, but it was not to be found on the place.

I knew there was more to it than wind because the missing pillow was too heavy to have blown very far and if the wind had been that strong, my sweet corn would have been flattened. Then, a few nights later a green pillow went missing in perfectly calm weather.

Two weekends ago, I left my good, high-dollar, SAS dress shoes sitting on a porch table when I changed into my garden sneakers to go pick beans. I forgot and left them on the porch overnight and the next morning one was gone.Shop for Michael Kors Monogram at hotmkbags. We spent an hour searching, and I even called some friends in Mount Vernon who had been visiting to see if one of their kids might have packed it off.

In the meantime, two more pillows went missing and then, last Saturday, the straw that broke the camel’s back! I admit that I’m a slow learner, but I left my brand new, $100, top-of-the-line, New Balance sneakers on the porch to dry because I’d gotten them soaking wet during a rainstorm Friday and I forgot to bring em in. Saturday morning one of them was gone and I’m ticked off, big time.

We have a dog gate on the front porch so that we can keep our horse that looks like a dog confined to the premises when he’s not outside in his run. Loretta maintains that the gate was closed on Friday night when we went to bed because she checked on it. That begs the question, “Then why on earth didn’t you bring my shoes in when you went outside to check the gate?”

But I didn’t raise it because I was in no mood to discuss whose responsibility my shoes are.

So Loretta maintains that the thief has to be a raccoon that is either getting under the gate or between the porch rails. The coon snatches a shoe or colorful throw pillow, hops up on a table and tosses his loot out in the yard. Then he slips back through the rails or under the gate and takes it wherever coons take stuff like that.Shop hotmkbags for the latest fashion trends in Michael Kors Shoulder Bags for ladies.

The coon, she maintains,Shop discounted mk handbags on hotmkbags. has to be a male because no female of any species would put up with the way my shoes smell. Then she says that maybe it’s a pair of coons and the female, with obviously good taste, has been stealing her pillows.

But I don’t think the culprit is a coon or coons because our garbage cans have not been bothered in ages, and there’s no such thing as a garbage can that a raccoon or team of raccoons can’t overturn.

I also point out that our sweet corn is coming in, and the patch has not been raided although several friends and neighbors have had theirs destroyed overnight.

My sweet corn problem is a horde of mixed black birds.Shop the latest from Michael Kors Classic Handbags. Totally free shipping and returns. The solution involves firearms but that’s another story for maybe, next week.

Both of the missing shoes are for the right foot, so maybe the thief is a one-legged man who wears size 11D.Buy Michael Kors iPhone Cases Michael Kors handbags with big discount and free shipping!

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Reality star Abbie Thompson


Reality star Abbie Thompson

Outspoken new reality star Abbie Thompson has revealed her greatest fear . . . being compared to the cast of Geordie Shore.

Abbie, 18, appears in the new BBC Three television series Shoplife, following 10 youngsters as they work at the Metrocentre in Gateshead.

But Abbie said she fears being tarred with the same brush as the hard-partying group in the controversial MTV show.

The shop girl is shown complaining she has to use high street makeup in the first episode, airing on Thursday.

She also describes herself as a “bull in a china shop” and confesses her love of material things.

The teenager, who lives at home in Chester-le-Street, County Durham, with her mum and a guinea pig, said she is worried about how she will come across.

She said: “I would hope Shoplife is not like Geordie Shore, although it does show what it is like on a night out in Newcastle.

“That’s one thing I am frightened for because a lot of people have asked if it is going to be like Geordie Shore, blah blah blah blah, and I would hope it is not.

“I am really anxious how I will come across because the trailer for the programme has me talking about liking material things.

“But all I buy designer is handbags and shoes, I don’t wear lots of make-up, I don’t wear fake tan. I do wear hair extensions but who doesn’t in Newcastle?

“So if that is the light I am trying to be shown in, then it’s going to be complete bullcrap, and it’s not me.

“I am quite outspoken, if I have an opinion I won’t be afraid to express it, because if you don’t say anything, nothing will get done.

“Bull in a china shop is right, but it depends on how you take it. Everything I say depends on how people take it.”

The series tells the stories of staff at the Metrocentre as they try to balance their hopes with the realities of working life, the minimum wage, and nights out. They include:

Abbie, who dreams of rising through the ranks at top fashion store Van Mildert and owning a Louis Vuitton handbag.

Slacker Joey Barrows, who escapes the sack from extreme sports shop Skate Shack for being late.

Chocolate salesman Tom Whalley, who dreams of leaving shop work to stage his own musical.

Abbie is shown fretting about her shopping habits and the chances of getting promotion to supervisor at the high-end retail shop where she works for the minimum wage and 1% commission.

She tells the cameras: “I am not a materialistic person, but I like materialistic things. At the moment, I literally have no money left. I normally get Est???e Lauder makeup, but I have had to go for high street make-up. I know it sounds really, like, shallow but it’s bloody upsetting. Is this what your life is like, Abbie, is it really what’s happening?”

Abbie is filmed claiming that her month’s pay is gone within a week, adding: “At the moment this is the skintest I have ever been. Ever, ever, ever.”

Joey, 19, is shown struggling to cope with his job selling sports kit and complains about his boss Lee Elliott, who usually works from home but keeps an eye on staff by CCTV.

Joey finds a blind spot in the stock room, but is hauled over the coals for spending too long off the shop floor. He says in the show: “Coming in four minutes late – I got a warning for that.Welcome to Michael Kors Classic Tote Outlet online now. I would love to tell my boss to stick it. Who wouldn’t?” Lee tells him: “Stop giving me the ammunition to give you a bollocking.”

Co-owner Paula Elliott said: “Joey is still with us. The important thing is that the shop is shown in a good light. We want to help young people get a foot on the ladder. The CCTV is there as security.”

Tom, 23, of Whickham, said the series helped him achieve his ambition of staging a musical in his spare time after finishing work at Hotel Chocolat.

He said: “I had a meeting with someone from the BBC and a year later the filming started, so it was a long process.

“They filmed me at the shop, but the theme running through was what if my hobby and dream becomes the day job? They filmed a lot of me desperately trying to write, thinking about staging my musical, which eventually did happen.

“My favourite bit was the night at Boulevard, a cabaret venue in Newcastle, when the musical was staged. It was something I always wanted to do but never had the drive to push forward but, with the programme behind me, it was the push I needed.”

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