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Step-by-step adviser to install and bureaucracy the ez flash vi for Nintendo DS Lite and DSi with the latest Disciplinarian / Kernel / Firmware:
1. Download the latest driver/kernel/firmware from:
a) The official website: www.ezflash.cn
b) Our UK server actuality - it is faster than the official website
2. Before artful the driver/kernel to the ez flash 3 in 1, amuse architecture your ez flash 3 in 1 on your PC. This is to abolish all the abstracts on the anamnesis card.
a) After inserting the ez flash 3 in 1 into the agenda reader, go to My Computer.
b) Right bang the disciplinarian apery the ez flash 3 in 1 anamnesis card.
c) Choose Format
d) Bang Alpha to architecture the anamnesis card
3. Unzip the book downloaded (using Winrar) on your PC
a) Unzip the driver/kernel/firmware file.
b) Winrar can be downloaded from www.download.com by analytic for Winrar at the Search.
The aloft pictures are based on r4i sdhc rts. The book names for ez flash vi disciplinarian alter from those belonged to r4i sdhc rts.
c) Select and archetype all the abashed files.
The aloft pictures are based on r4i sdhc rts. The book names for ez flash vi disciplinarian alter from those belonged to r4i sdhc rts.
4. Archetype the abashed files to the ez flash 3 in 1 anamnesis card
The aloft pictures are based on r4i sdhc rts. The book names for r4i ultra differs from those belonged to r4i sdhc rts.
5. Archetype your own files, including music, movies, pictures and homebrew amateur to the ez flash 3 in 1 anamnesis card
6. Plug in the ez flash 3 in 1 to the acekard.When inserting or alteration carts on slot-1, about-face off the DS, admit in the barrow and again alpha the DS.

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Numerous manufacturers accept created altered versions of R4 cards and cyclods, alleged R4 clones. Apart from these, few companies appear with absolutely altered SLOT-1 beam accumulator accessories for Nintendo gaming consoles. Let us move avant-garde to analyze an R4 card's carbon and a new creation.
r4i gold
Firstly, we are talking about the r4i gold agenda and cyclods. It is abnormally advised with a customized firmware, which endless over top of the Nintendo DS and acquiesce the users active bearding and custom software. The Gold agenda is said to be a carbon of aboriginal r4 sdhc card. It supports micros-SD agenda up to 32GB. Its packaging box has abate admeasurement than that of supercard dstwo and acekard 2i. The barrow of Gold agenda has bigger body superior than that of Ackeard 2i, but worse than supercard dstwo.The Wood firmware has bigger user interface than official version. In accession to Gold card, it helped SCDSS1, M3 and others to be accepted beyond Nintendo users. Wood is bound acknowledging like AKAIO. You can get abundant banknote for this Wood firmware.
The r4i gold cyclods cards are declared to beam the firmware but it is not adapted to be accordant with DSi 1.4. Gold cards generally amount boring admitting of getting a almsman to r4 sdhc cards. However, it allows user advancement games' library alone on one cartridge. The built-in Moonshell, homebrew media player, plays aback video and music files. The R4IDS launched latest v1.3 updates for both aboriginal copy and V2 Gold cards.
cyclods Evolution
Now, let us accept a attending on cyclods Evolution cards. It is a multi-functional micro-SD adapter for Nintendo DS Lite and DS gaming consoles. It allows user arena games, alert MP3 music, examination images, account e-books and adequate assorted homebrew applications.
cyclods Evolution is the a lot of avant-garde Media Enhancer for Nintendo DS and DS Lite. It boasts superior components, European architecture and bigger functionality. The added highlights are SlowMotion mode, LCD accuracy acclimation while arena game, in-game displace and RealTime Save.Its bluff cipher engine supports Action Replay codes directly. Surprisingly, this Evolution agenda comes with added than 300 games' bluff codes. You can save bold advance at any point and resume afresh from the aforementioned point application RealTime Save feature. It allows you arrive the bold after adverse abundant difficulty. In fact, RealTime Save is absolutely agnate to the 'saved states' begin on few emulators.
Inbuilt operating arrangement of cyclods Evolution can plan with homebrew software after installing any patch. In addition, you will get faster loading than any added R4DS card. You just accept to artlessly tap and play any bold after troubles or cogent delays. In addition, these Evolution cards save you from manually applying DLDI patches. They automatically install the appropriate DLDI updates.
Like r4i gold, the cyclods Evolution uses micro-SD cards for storage. The Evolution cards appear with micro-SD USB Reader to alteration games, files, and homebrew software. Its user interface is alone advised to be user affable and works absolutely able-bodied with the stylus. What's more? The user interface is multi-lingual and supports Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, Spanish, Korean, Italian, German, French, and English.
The aloft allegory helps you while selecting amid the Gold agenda and cyclods Evolution cards. Both are SLOT-1 based Beam agenda solutions but accept altered features.


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Sony is one of the major producers of game consoles today. Using the ability to play DVD and Blu-Ray on the shelf as well as play PS3 games Sony PS3 key makes a great center for the method of home entertainment.
If he played a little before ps3 hdd, you know how it is really fun and also know what kind of benefits that PlayStation gaming systems can contribute to their entertainment properties. The key to ps3 hdd a lot of hype before its release, but most say that their promises. Sporting the latest CPUs and graphics chip in the Sony PS3 key is more than capable of keeping the whole loved entertaining.
While the elegant design of the ps3 hdd is a purely aesthetic purpose, you can never deny the fact that the outer shell design will look great with your residency program activities. Forget those ugly wires and plugs. The ps3 controller is completely wireless key. Does not even have to worry about the batteries, which are built in the appropriate driver.
Prepare to play your PS3 games with friends around the world using the integrated Wi-Fi connectivity. Ethernet cable is also an option when you do not have Wi-Fi. The key to PS3 also has access to other peripherals that make it much more fun and interactive, as the Eye Toy. A hard disk makes no property drain ps3 hdd systems easier to upgrade. This means you can get any standard hard disk capacity and will replace the wine. Superior visual play high-definition television is achieved through the use of standard HDMI cables.
The key ps3 hdd can also submit events for high-definition movies that are built in Blu-Ray. Using the ability to play the CD and DVD while PS3 key is often a capable and versatile sound and movie player. All these features increases the attractiveness of using the Acekard 2i as a media center core. Even if you are not in game or play only occasionally key ps3 hdd is still difficult to pass as a whole about the ownership entertainment device. With excellent sound and video output HD PS3 key is hard to pass as a multipurpose center for anyone's entertainment room.

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