"Zombie bees" first appeared in Washington state


The beekeepers marc horm to live in Seattle suburb, a few weeks ago after came back from vacation found that bees were virus infection.Tory Burch selma Riding Boot Infection by bees have died or cramps like flying until fell to the ground. Horm put the dead bee on plastic bags a week later found that parasitic fly the pupa, so sure is "zombie bees". The Oregon and south Dakota, Washington first appeared "zombie bees".

Bees in the nature is the most important pollination insects, "zombie bees" is a parasite infection of bees, sick bees night will also out of the nest, is everywhere disorderly fly until death. Because the mother attached to the bees fly back and eggs down to the bee's belly, egg in bees body into a maggot, dispose of bees visceral later become pupa, it will grow a brown, a bit like rice bran of encrustation, 3 to 4 weeks later eclosion become fly. Tory Burch Rowan Riding Boot Zombies bees is a kind of mysterious phenomenon, the situation are similar to the movie "aliens". San Francisco state university biologist harvard Nick in 2008 for the first time found "zombie bees". This kind of infectious disease to provide all the agricultural pollination needed for those bees threatening.

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Hop is benefic to Control muscular atrophy

Japan tokushima university graduate school study group in the latest issue of the American journal of plos comprehensive volume published report said, they through the experiment discovered, beer raw material hop contains abundant isoamyl alkenyl flavonoid compounds, this matter has contained the role of muscle atrophy, the future is expected to use this kind of material development drugs and special food.brand store wholesale.

The team said that they use leg paralysed mice experiment, a group of mice with mixed with 1 gram dry hop powder food feeding two weeks, another group only feed general food, the results showed that before a group of mice muscle atrophy symptoms are contained. The team explained that this is mainly because hop contains abundant isoamyl alkenyl flavonoid compounds, this kind of material can restrain prompted muscle protein decomposition enzymes play a role, help inhibit further muscle atrophy. The team points out, in the space microgravity environment, if experimental animal injury or its limbs long-term fixed, all have may cause the muscle atrophy. Isoamyl alkenyl flavonoid compounds to this kind of disease may have certain curative effect.Cheap Nike Shoes, Lead the team temple tail pure two said, at present to prevent muscle atrophy relies mainly on the rehabilitation training, the bedridden old man is very difficult. I hope we can through the drug and food contain medicinal ingredients of food to prevent muscle atrophy.

In 1079, the German people first in the brewing added hop, thus make beer has relaxed bitter taste and smell of the fragrance. Ever since then, hop is known as "beer soul", be brewing indispensable raw material of. Make beer has a unique bitter taste and aroma and anticorrosive and clarify malt juice ability.Tory Burch selma Riding Boots, Hop initial used in Germany, scientific name for the hops, for marijuana information department of perennial grass trailing herbs, dioecious, brewing are used for female flower.