BMW ICOM A2 System LED Turns Red and Flashes Always(SOLVED)



BMW diagnostic mux ICOM A2 System LED stays red and flashes/blink always. No problem exists after self-test and firmware update.



Solution 1:

1)-rehot hot a?r gun th?s ?c ..

2)-?f no, replace or change new one ..

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Solution 2:

Solution of the problem with the nonexistent fun. LED is again green.

The pulse generator to buying on auctions.


NOTE: it’s technical, so if you are not experienced, please be careful to try this; otherwise, you may destroy your Car Diagnostic Tool ICOM mux.

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Five stars about MD808 PRO


A nice new tool.It reads and clears trouble codes, control and
test BMS/Oil Reset/ SRS/EPB/DPF systems. Quick scan and easy to use as
well as excellent tech-support. For the price of this you will be
getting all generic OBD2 reading and alot of manufacturer specific codes
as more updates become available. Autel MD808 PRO
has a nice color screen and also has an SD card slot. It comes with an
16GB SD card so you can download your updates quicker as far as write
speed and your machine will be a bit faster when it reads the data on
the card.As far as more features it will do many things depending on the
car and depending if Autel has released it on an update .For the DIY’er
this is batter than a generic code reader. I would recommend this tool
for guys on a budget that want a pretty descent diagnostic reader. It is
just one step down from the Autel MD802 full systems. And I approve
this message…lol. Seriously this tool is pretty cool.Worth buy.

Awesome product! I use this instrument in my auto repair shop to read
and clear trouble codes, control and test BMS / Oil Reset / SRS / EPB /
DPF systems.The tool is very quick,it is easy to use,and they have
excellent tech-support.I have more than one scan tool in my shop.I have a
Ford IDS Magnum tool,Launch.I grab the MD808,because it is

It seems it is a new launched tool in 2017. It is not so bad to try
something new. The package was wrapped well, the deivce was protected
well by the durable case and in its middle volume,easy to handle.
Packaging consists of car connector wire, USB wire, quick reference
guide,SD card, CD ,user manual and carry case. This unit was advertised
as being able to diagnose SRS codes, so I tried on my Versa Note SV 2014
and it works well.In addition,used it to reset steering angle sensor
(SAS), good job! It is a very nice product to use, hope this helps
someone out there.

MD808 was advertised as being able to diagnose SRS codes so I tested
it on my a Versa Note SV 2014. The result is it worked as advertised! In
addition, it is a great product it can read and clear codes on my Chevy
Vehicles ABS system.It is a very nice product to use so I gave it 5

Bought it after reading all the reviews. I was serious about learning
the basics of auto fault code reading before registered and downloaded
current data per manufacturer’s instructions. I own a 1996 GMC Sierra
half ton truck, and a 99 GMC Yukon, this device works fine for both. I
also have a 2006 Chevy Duramax with a suspect O2 heater issue. When this
is plugged into the Chevy, it works great as advertised. The main
reason I bought this scanner was to clear SRS lights (thinking it erased
the crash data),and the rest of the functions also worked very well, I
was impressed. Can’t beat the value of this scanner.

From my perspectives as a pro home mechanic, I have to say Autel
MaxiDiag MD808 is a very useful tool giving you the most fault
information on four major systems (Engine, Transmission, ABS and SRS).
In addition when it comes to fault detection on the late vehicles, it
seems that Autel Scanner
MD808 is a great tool to access those common modules like (control and
test BMS/Oil Reset/ SRS/EPB/DPF systems, oil service reset, battery
registration and reset,diesel particulate service including forced
regeneration, reset steering angle sensor and parking brake control
module). This has to be one of the easiest and most cost-effective
diagnositc tool I have purchased.

Recommend to anyone that just wants
something easy to update and get going.

This tool at OBD2TOOL can scan,
diagnose and erase error codes. Easy to upgrade just follow the
instruction manual that comes with it. I bought to this to fix my car
which has engine light on, blinking cruise control, traction light on. I
plugged in the scanner and the code was explained. That was so easy! I
then searched the error code online and erase it. I feel so fortunate to
try the scanner on my own instead of paying someone directly to
diagnose and reset the light. I could have spent more money than the
cost of the scanner.