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The year is 2046, the world as we know it no more. Thirty years ago, several extraterrestrial races are in huge space ships stranded on the planet and have overthrown the old governments in war and terra formed the planet. This has literally turned inside the earth, folded and covered with many bizarre creatures, plants and minerals. Meanwhile, the people have come to terms with the aliens. While the Earth Republic is military and government, which he controls part earth, but still many areas remain lawless zones where the residents themselves have to arrange and provide security.

In these zones are also Nolan (Grant Bowler) and his adopted daughter Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas) on the road - they really want to reach the Antarctic, where they are a safe haven, a kind of Utopia hope. They are traveling together for years and not just a father / daughter relationship have built but trust is also blind. Due to an accident, they end up in the Mayor of Amanda Rose Water (Julie Benz) led colony Defiance - former St. Louis - and have to get used to living in a colony. But no sooner arrived, the village already hovering in mortal danger.

Movie-RatingDefiance is a new chapter and new territory is what cross-media storytelling. The series is in fact coupled with the Defiance MMO game that has come on the market at the start of series and also makes it possible to tell, as well as additional actions to bridge the gap between seasons. A very interesting concept that seems to prove themselves despite early criticisms of the game through.

Defiance is in itself plays like the sawed-off Terra Nova on a completely new earth, whose face was significantly influenced by the landing of aliens and the subsequent terraforming. Handlungsort is the eponymous village of Defiance, which was before the collapse of St. Louis. This is combined with a melting pot of cultures as once at Babylon 5 and as against the ever-increasing influence of the government in the fight Deadwood. The different races must also find a way to coexist in the village and build a community, resulting in too many subplots for the political issues and intrigue.

The main plot revolves around two families who have deeply rooted in the village and hold a position of power in their own way. The family of Rafe McCawley mine owners are down to earth, while the family to Datak Tarr are pale, but very powerful in the village of aliens with bizarre traditions. In between Nolan and Irisa through the world and must comply with odd jobs - like now as a lawman in Defiance. This allows numerous stories, and since all the characters have their rough edges and opaque motives arise also very dense episodes, as long as you can not really guess what now really is the truth and what is just outright lie. This makes the series extremely versatile, and even if the action dahindümpelt developed and train hard, you look for the answers to the many unanswered questions.

Although the series does not look as good as long as Terra Nova, Defiance manages to build a credible end-time atmosphere, because the village looks realistic and you feel quickly at home. Unfortunately, however, one sees the limited budget at all corners, because the special effects are weak partly bad to ugly. But the bottom line is you take the better as the series goes on and on, as an enormously expensive production that is offered at the end of a season is back.

Conclusion: Defiance has given in the first season not much about yourself and primarily focused on the idea of ​​the individual characters, races and organizations. In addition to the number of major story arcs are touched, but hardly one of them is ready tells why the series neither absorbs nor momentum can build up suspense. Therefore one can say is that this is a very interesting scenario, a multifaceted character and a good ensemble cast was assembled. At this initial position offers great potential to make something interesting out of the series, and it is hoped that you can also use it.

the departure of Blizzard's massively successful  

n this line, GW2 offers alternatives to a number of items that had stagnant years, probably since the departure of Blizzard's massively successful. Under a family fully controls interface and find a more dynamic, more focused on fun cheap gw2 gold and focused on eliminating all trace of frustration. In other words, "casualizando" gender, but do not worry, much more on the positive than the negative.

"Perhaps it would be bold to say that is the most important release in the genre since World of Warcraft, but would not hesitate to say that is the most influential ever since"

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And that has little to blame, and if so, is a subjective level, I said it's a great MMO, and it is, for what has become the genre now. There is not a hint of "sandbox" or claims to have, and the game is honest with it. Only promises fun, in any media.

Proof of this are the combat skills, which as I said before are acquired via objects, and whose limit is given by the number of weapons (and their combinations with deft hand and left foot) that every class can wear with certain peculiarities. The fact is that these skills are completely arbitrary, varying drastically even using the same gun with different professions. In an MMO anyone could guess a priori what will each class, more or less, in GW2 will not fail to surprise us about it.

Active skills are limited to the five main gun plus three support an 'elite' and other healing. These last three categories depend on both the class and race. Together the possibilities are very extensive, and each class can be played a thousand different ways as appropriate to the player, but obviously there are some combinations more powerful than others. Note that each class has its peculiarities, usually assigned to the keys F1-F4, besides being able to switch between two sets of weapons, which increases the number of skills and resources.