Antimony ore processing plant and cement manufacturing plant  

Antimony ore processing plant

Antimony beneficiation plant was proprietary in China. it's economical instrumentality for sick free gold all told particle size ranges, particularly for recovery of fine gold that is lost throughout the operation of the attraction concentrators (sluice boxes and jigs). It may be used not just for alluvial deposit gold mining, however additionally for onerous rock mining to recover the natural gold, substitution malgamation, and recover gold from the previous tailings.

Antimony ore processing plant method

Antimony ore processing plant, essentially have hand selecting, re-election, the flotation ways. one among them, to appear at flotation of concentrator for more, followed by hand selecting, use significant facultative opt for manufactory is a smaller amount. A number of atomic number 51 ore flotation method through the utilization of single concentrator, most atomic number 51 ore concentrator adopt combination method, just like the hand selecting – flotation method, hand selecting–re-election– flotation method.

Antimony Ore Beneficiation Plant

1. Hand-selected of atomic number 51 ore may be a quite ore dressing technique supported the atomic number 51 ore and gangue minerals in color, luster, form variations, this type of technique is sort of originally, labour-intensive, however able to output high-quality giant atomic number 51 ore concentrate' reducing prices and energy consumption.

2. Gravity separation technique of South Korea crusher manufacturers is applied for many of atomic number 51 Ore ore dressing, as a result of it's a form of density and Coarse particles minerals.

3. FLoatation is that the most significant election ore dressing ways for atomic number 51 ore.

Cement manufacturing plant

Cement mechanical system or cement manufacturing plant may be a series of cement creating machines for producing cement. it's chiefly composed of such processes as breaking and prehomogenization, preparation of staple, preheating decomposition, the firing of cement clinker and cement grinding packaging. Cement rotary oven is that the main instrumentality for calcining cement clinker and it's been wide utilized in cement, metallurgy, industry, etc. This machine is created from cylinder, support device, belt wheel support device, block transmission device, activity oven head, waterproofing device, burning device elements and different elements, this rotary oven has such characteristics as straightforward structure, reliable operation, simple management of production method.

Cement making machine

Stone Crusher: rock device rock is that the main raw materials for creating cement, thus we want the rock device to crush rock to little particle sizes to create cement.

Raw mill: it's wont to crush rock particles and additive materials.

Coal device and coal mill: they're used for crushing and grinding coal into powder in cement plant.

Gypsum device and mill: In cement plant, they're used for crushing and grinding mineral into powder.

Cement mill: they're wont to grind cement clinker into powder to create cement.

Cement Manufacturing Plant For Sale

Our company manufactures many sorts of cement industrial plant, like large-scale cement oven system, rotary oven system, cement grinding system, and grinding system, etc. these systems area unit created follow the international customary, chiefly utilized in the large-scale Cement mechanical system, and cement production method. Our cement instrumentality is oversubscribed everywhere the globe with completely different specifications, and it's a very important position during this business each in quality and amount.



Aggregate sand washing equipment and coal pulverizer machine  

Aggregate washing equipment

Aggregate sand washing equipment is applied for washing applications in sand plant, mine, concrete batching plant, and industries like building materials production, transportation, chemistry, water conservancy, etc. Our aggregate sand washing equipment could be a extremely economical machine designed on the premise of the careful washing desires in mining trade and comes with options like sensible washing result, affordable structure, giant capability, and fewer sand loss throughout washing method. The transmission a part of this sand washing equipment is isolated from water and sand, that may greatly cut back the error rate of the machine.

Features of aggregate washing equipment

1. The machine is with high potency, affordable structure, high capability, low consumption and straightforward maintenance.

2. Drive Bearing device is separated from water and materials, that is greatly to avoid the bearing broken owing to soaking, touching sand and alternative pollutants.

3. Compared with the spiral sand washer, the loss of medium and fine sand further as powder is nominal, that the grade and fineness modulus of washed building sand will meet the specified normal.

4. This sand washer is of easy structure. The driving device of the blade is separated from water dirt and sand. This greatly reduces the fault rate.

Application of aggregate washing equipment

Aggregate sand washer of Vietnam crusher manufacturers square measure primarily utilized in lot, gravel plant, concrete dam lot of hydropower station, and with options of high degree cleaning-up, affordable structure, giant capability, low power consumption, little loss of the sands throughout the washing method, particularly for that the drive components of the sand washer square measure separated from water and sands. in order that it's lower failure rate than the same old sand washer.

Coal pulverizer machine

Zenith coal pulverizer machine price is very competitive compared with similar grinding machine from other suppliers. This series of charcoal for the mechanism of the late R & D unit of the new unit. it's supported the characteristics and use within the production and management processes of broken charcoal, by smashing through the mechanism into a charcoal stick, not finished merchandise to be change state, and pleasing in look, value savings for users, export enterprises should charcoal units, additional appropriate for the assembly of comparatively large-scale enterprises.

Coal pulverizer machine types

Vertical coal mill is right coal edge equipment that integrates crushing, drying, grinding and grading conveyor all at once. The high performance dynamic classifiers in vertical coal mill offer super fineness management.

Coal ball mill consists of a rotating tube crammed with forged alloy balls. Coal is introduced through 2 hollow trunnions on either side of the tube. because the tube rotates, the balls tumble onto the coal, crushing and pulverizing it.

Impact Mill, Grinding method is completed by a series of hinged or mounted hammers revolving in an indoor chamber with wear resistant plates. The hammers impact on the coal, crushing it against the plates. any pulverization is achieved because the smaller coal particles square measure ground through attrition against one another and therefore the grinding face.


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