Where was the only 15% old dress circularly made use of the American's old clothes to all go?  

report to call according to the United States, New York, area in Brooklyn, the ground of the inch soil inch gold, can not reckon how many of old clothes endowment box not only seized sidewalk, around return to the utmost is garbage and doodle, no wonder that many residents of Brooklyns is to this complaints are heard everywhere.《Magazine in Brooklyn 》 even asks the readers not to don't want the use"these".

these full eyes all yes the box belong to Wei Er one of the Ke Si company-Niu tile gram make money textile product recall company especially, it seizes regulation in the city that the way of doing of sidewalk breached New York.More make people's bad impression of BE, these boxes are covered with kind jacket and all over the body usually print to have the encouragement the slogan of the people generously big degree.

only 15% the old dress circularly make use of

American textile product exist serious waste.Wei Er especially the Ke Si company is only those pogeys that battle out to discard old clothes, this big fat meat and make money to organize medium a.

in all garbages of New York, clothes and textile product have to compare more than 6% and have 193,000 tons around annually.These numbers refract whole the United States to discard the circumstance that the old clothes handles:Only the American's old clothes 15% got afresh exploitation or pass to donate an outlet can make use of again, rest about 10,500,000 tons then are been buried to garbage to fill to cover up a field, making the textile product become can recall raw material in circularly utilization's lowest a.

because the Forever21 spreads the goods period is short  

"mode top to say, H& amp;the M incline toward to give attention to both to take delivery of goods time and product cost more, although the speed cannot compares with ZARA, but depend on cost leading the advantage occupy a place in this profession."Xu Jun Song says.

speak of H& amp;M, have to mention Forever21.Because the style is similar, both position in the product, price fixed position etc. is various in many ways and all have similar, Forerver21 also H& amp;the M see as the biggest rival.

"but in fact both also have very different, the Forever21 declares product of productively mainly in the south of California, but physically majority of merchandises still and just and the labor force of third nation in the world cheaply produce to obtain larger profits."Xu Jun Song says.

the stone chapter Be strong to then mean, Zara and H& amp;the Ms all produce a merchandise card, the Forever21 then is more to is to retail brand or outlet brand, is like a clothing selling exhibition, from the third parties provide goods, the Forever21 carries on greatly circulating big turnover, win victory by quantity.

"because the Forever21 spreads the goods period is short, the renewal is quick, even make track for to compare Zara.H& amp in the amount and the renewal speed;M renewal the period is opposite slower."Xu Jun Song said that the Forerver21 contains 10 years of on-line outlet experience, the opposite on-line luck camp more easily breaks, comparison value electronic commerce, but H& amp;the M don't value electronic commerce in cheap Chrome Hearts, on-line business opposite less, its advantage then lies in shop front to narrate.

excellent dress database:Have outstanding innovation gene

is more opposite than a few ex- brands to all glorify vogue chemical element to say, the Japanese clothing brand excellent dress database then founded moreover a kind of style.