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Narrowing the three gap to realize the balanced development of population

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Time: September 16 2011

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Narrowing the three gap to realize the balanced development of population is restricted by the population problem is comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the major issues, is the effect of the key factors in the economic and social development, the family planning system must be in population study and solve the spirit of reform and innovation in the new period the population and family planning the problems faced.

Understand the situation

Strengthen our sense of responsibility and the sense of urgency

Since 2007, the family planning work wushan population base effect, by the government at a higher level of full affirmation. One is the natural growth rate control in 5 ‰, stable low birth level; 2 it is innovation has issued a series of priority, preferential treatment, preferential policies, the total investment of 4600 yuan, interests leading mechanism constantly improve the family planning is strengthened people's livelihood fusion; Three is preliminary established information sharing and administrative law enforcement and comprehensive management, technical services, education and propaganda work operation mechanism, strengthen population based parameter, the population, resources and family planning information system construction of service station, villages and towns basic work.

But, the population and family planning population pressures faced the difficulty of management, such as increased grim situation, we must further improve the understanding, perseverance pays special attention to the population and family planning.

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First, to further understand the situation. Domestic population situation stiffer. Population is always our basic national conditions, the population, resources and environment restriction further tightening, our country is in the contradiction between man and nature of the historical period, the most acute population possession of resources pressure will exist for a long time. Wushan population problem is for development of the big problem. The current and future for a long period, the county's total population of growth for the situation won't fundamentally change, the population in economic and social development, will become the pressures of speed wushan across development with the problems.

Second, further improve the understanding. One is to have a high. "Catch population and family planning is grasp of state affairs, is a big political engineering; the population problem is to balance urban and rural development must face the reality, are critical problems affecting the vital interests of the people's livelihood issues". Great If not strictly control population growth, and the development of fast speed, no amount of the achievements of development and will be population factors have diluted. Second, a depth. Population and family planning is the first ", but also "important" first difficult ", hardship and complexity, long-term exist for a long time, face the new situation, the new duty, promote work hard inevitable. Population and family planning is a dynamic management, may not BiJiGongYuYiYi. Any understanding and the lack of the errors in the job, will cause the repeated population and family planning.

Change the thought

Promote balanced development of population

2011 is the 90th anniversary of the foundation of change, 1025, "" beginning of, is the development, the livelihood of the people, the stability of the year, the key task is hard work, also be test leading cadres at all levels ideological quality, ability and work level the critical moment. If the system must transform function orientation, work idea and the way to work, set up the balanced development of population sciences.

First, change the function of localization, set up the scientific development view. A balanced population

First of all, to change the idea, perfect plan as a whole to solve problems to solve the population problem of macro decision mechanism. At present, population development imbalance problem increasingly, the crowd childbearing willing and the family planning policy contradiction will continue to exist, stable low birth level is still difficult area, population distribution uneven, structure is not rational, men and women are still relatively high in the sex ratio at birth, aging feature is apparent, population and family planning management service system and scientific development, improve the livelihood of the people, and market economy, social transformation and unable to meet there. To solve these problems, must be in the global height, guided by the scientific development concept.

Secondly, to change the job index idea, to build population information management system and population analysis and decision system. Speed up all of our employees, Shared, the dynamic of the population information database, and to take the commanding heights, population information for the party committee, government decision making and relevant departments to provide scientific and accurate, accurate population information, to a certain extent represents the population and family planning, the future development direction of the final of the survival of the book. The information construction as a strategic task and basic work to grasp.

Second, change their concepts, set up the human-oriented philosophy.

First of all, to change the propaganda concept, pay attention to public participation in feedback. To promote education is given priority to, population and family planning work is a basic policy. Not only should pay attention to the content of the propaganda, popular, nationalization, popularization and to the era characteristic and local style innovation, strengthen pertinence content in the upper and lower time; Since want to "people by reasoning", even want "love beautiful". For example, "the daughter is son, grandson is" very has the human sun flavor, can touch the person's heart, with moistens everything silent way change the perspective of the broad masses. In the form of publicity to adhere to popular forms of way, in addition to the traditional posters, manuals, television, newspapers and traditional propaganda form and carrier, and make full use of modern media and convenient, instant characteristics, the use of web site, network QQ group and so on can and the interaction emerging carrier.

Next, change the core view, pay attention to strengthen the work the family planning work people's livelihood. For a long time, a lot of places, many workers see only the population and family planning, the family plan didn't see population, think population and family planning work of the core is birth control operation and social compensation fee collection. In fact, the family planning work is for the balanced development of the population's long-term service, "penalty" is just the last ditch auxiliary methods, it is to let people passively, reluctantly for family planning, real can have profound influence to the "award", through the implement interests leading policy, strengthen the family planning work, let the people understand the to family planning and realize population of balanced development of long-term benefits, thus to realize the initiative have fewer healthy birth.

The implementation of the "sunshine family plan" narrow three gap

July 21,, the municipal party committee of three committees through nine times the communist party of the chongqing municipal party committee about narrowing the three gap promote common wealthy decision "in urban and rural areas, so as to narrow, regional, rich and poor, to push for the three gap, chongqing adhere to the scientific development in the western area, take the lead to achieve the comprehensive well-off draw the outline of a portrait of flowery grand blueprint. This the trendsetter measures, got widely praised by all circles of the society and strong to look forward to.

In the exploration of the road of common prosperity, the milestone in wushan

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