Sand maker promotes national income of China


River gravel sand makes use of mutual self-broken of high-speed movement of materials and the friction between materials to make materials crushing,excellent value and reliability is unique in similar products. The long-term technology accumulation and modern processing equipment ensure the leading position of the series of river gravel sand making machine in the same industry. The construction of the highway is an important project to promote the growth of national income.

To be rich, first build roads, the saying points to the importance and necessity of highway in China’s economic development. The prerequisite for highway construction are adequate funding, excellent construction technology, and quality and efficient construction equipment, which are the basic guarantee of the construction of the highway.

It is an increasingly serious global environmental problem,and the whole society attaches great importance to environmental issues, such as energy-saving, environmental protection, low-carbon economy becomes the hot topic that large enterprises constantly concern. We should work together to overcome these problems.

The crushing ratio of river pebbles sand maker can get several times than jaw crusher, jaw crusher and cone crusher are difficult to achieve grain shape compared with that of river gravel sand making equipment, and river gravel sand maker has a high degree of automation, easy to control, with greater reliability and flexibility. It can actually create more value for users. During the design, we optimize the speed and stroke, as well as crushing cavity, which makes it achieve intergranular laminating crushing and improve the yield capacity, product shape is also greatly improved under impact, crushing materials broken along with its most vulnerable levels, this selective fragmentation method, the probability of cube shape of particles is higher. Hongxing river gravel sand making machine is characterized by low noise, long service life, a uniform particle size, large crushing ratio, a variety of crushing chamber to meet the requirements of large sand making machine.

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The inseparable relation of fine crusher with economy


Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher is a new product that absorbs advanced technologies at home and abroad. This Series equipment can crusher material which max feed size is less than 500mm, compression strength is not more than 320 Mpa (eg: granite, limestone, concrete etc.) With its excellent performance and good performance, Impact Crusher is widely used in highway, hydroelectric, artificial stone and sand, crushing and building material industry ect.

Efficient fine crusher production line as another record high enterprises get praise of the general market, it is necessary to invest more efforts on design innovation crusher equipment manufacturing companies. In the life cycle of crusher, there must be market development, market expansion, market saturation, market shrinking and gradually fade out of the market. Only on the basis of the original innovation on small function, many years of experiences will make the whole production line show a good momentum, and eventually achieve to qualitative leap contribution to the production capacity of the industry as a whole.

Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher has such advantages as: simple in structure, large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, high output, light weight, cubic final product, and it is usde in mineral processing, chemical, cement, construction, refractory material, ceramics, glass, etc, such industrial sector for midium, fine and medium-hard materials. Eg: limestone, clinker, slag, carbon coke, coal etc. Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher has larger crushing ratio, and can make full use of the high-speed impacting energy of the entire rotor.

Such as in Hegang, Ning coal, etc., some foreign brand products can not meet the practical application, and they were only for its intended use, or returns processing; product after-sales service, spare parts supply process. Because the more intermediate links, it often causes that the service is not timely, the high cost of after-sales service and accessories phenomenon.

The technology and research OF foreign impact crusher are in the original country, while sales is in China, we only send service personnel to the scene when the product has quality problems, and many foreign impact crusher product adopts agency business model. Economic reasons often cut off the communication and exchange opportunities between the site users and the original designers, which could easily lead to the production site to adapt to the impact crusher products rather than products to adapt to the adverse consequences of the field: Because it is not the really professionals making the selection on the site, which easily cause the contradiction that the site of the actual state of technology and products sold characteristics can not be effectively matched.

Above conditions in the domestic professional companies that engaged in the the informal development and promotion of such impact crusher equipment is not existing, the domestic enterprises can provide users with tailored professional design, after-sales service and spare parts supply, or even perennial "zero time "to wait.

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