High-heeled shoes  

Do not know why, on my birthday, you actually gave me a pair of christian louboutin cheap. Recall previously my birthday, you can always send me some small ornaments, like a couple chain, four-leaf clover and the like, as a joke like accept, but this time I really do not know how to deal with this a such a special gift.
Even though I know I'm always in your mind an unlike girls girls, always with short hair, always wearing baggy jeans, never like the man and the boys like wrapped in a pile. Perhaps only rational not emotional, only IQ no EQ science students. You leave a small note, I found the answer: I wish our dear Y to find their other half! Seems to be the blooming season, every corner of the sky are filled atmosphere of love, the confusion of the numerous heart-shaped balloons tied with red ribbon on the Valentine's Day the eyes of countless girls, but you think I was one of the one? I seemed to envy you, stay in a relatively loose management of the school of liberal arts, breathing school unique romantic soothing atmosphere. Could see in the corridor between the dignified elegance of the boys in the girls' school, you can also soak your romantic love fantasy novels and literature. But some seem too early, I have to remind you: we are only 16 years old!
See you last a week ago. You smiled and asked me: how not to wear christian louboutin shoes sale? I say: wear that will blow your height. You smile. It seems you're not the same. The first time I see you are a well-behaved girls behaved does not seem to temper, always with the preferences of friends, in silence as a friend refueling blessing. But one day, you the volume of your natural hair straightened, and you are not the same, although there is not much change, but the heart has been a little temper and rebellious, like a little to complain about the two, but even if it is your a little bit of subtle changes always chilling. Now you not at you. You start your sixteen dress, her hair is too hot fluffy, cut into pieces. Wear necklaces and jewelry, began very concerned about their looks, even if you are in my heart will always be beautiful. You have to revisit the issues, asked me if I found DREAMBOAT? I Joking ah ah, or two, but I dumped. You're a little surprised, and some envy, some sigh. In fact, I just made up. It has not come, I have let them hate me, love the vines strangle.
Yesterday, I put you to send my high heels, it seems that the red bottom shoes for men in the girl's eyes is a sign of maturity. I wear it to walk about one kilometer, the soles of a heat wave accompanied by the pain hit me. Not these shoes do not fit, but one pair to wear habits of the feet flat shoes how can suddenly adapt to high heels gradient. I picked it in the corner. A precocious pair of high heels can not bring a girl beautiful angel, but the liberation of a human heart desires the devil.
High-heeled shoes, dress too early, the legs will destroy, you know.

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