Navy seals 4 "Move the body feeling with bundle of deluxe suit

This same bundle of Edition game pricing $150, on April 19, 2011 in the states listed, named "SOCOM four Full ps3 gun controller Deployment Edition", the squad is very luxurious, Move not simply have a complete pair of equipment, as well as a special light surrounding the gun.


· the navy seals 4 "blue game CD

· PS Move left handle

· PS Move right handle

· PS Eye camera

· PS ps3 wireless controller Move special light gun

Furthermore, this be also corresponding SONY 3 d stereo display technology, with 3 d TV can enjoy towards shock with the game scene. Drop Ship Suppliers
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SONY wireless keyboard

Again today to share with ps3 replacement parts peripheral accessories have launched a wireless bluetooth keyboard CECH - ZKB1HK, it could complete corresponding PS3 host. The author as soon as the test, but also for some other bluetooth equipment collocation is employed, for example computer, VAIO Tablet S, all not a problem, but observe the Hong Kong version won't printed on phonetic notation and changjie etymon, input although somewhat inconvenience, but beauty is like a duck to water, and the biggest selling point is the integration track point mouse function, to have special demand friend, this function but very practical. Plus the tariff of $299, the strength may be valued at!

Due to this gang of keyboard and there is no-one such as the past bluetooth devices offer CONNECT key, but to work with the laptop keyboard of FN + PAIRING enable PAIRING set, this time to open the Tablet S bluetooth to look, to demonstrate the wireless keyboard, relative to the images hint of cheap xbox 360 controllers digital sequence input, and press Enter can complete matching.