Waterproof flexible led strips can decorate your Recumbent


As a new Cultural ecology, moere and more young people like Recumbent. And just like cars, many people want to

make their Recumbent Comfortable and unique. So, our

Flexible LED Strips
can help you and decorate a

beautiful , fashionable one for you.

The waterproof strips are Flexible, easy to make shape and waterproof, so you need not worry the broken lights

in rain day.

In the following,let us show you how to use waterproof strips to decorate Recumbent:

In order to make sure safety night driving, attached the

LED Strips
to the pole with vertical height as

the warning lights, back side and front turn signals do beams on both sides of the vertical mount and install the

appropriate circuit (switches and electronic flash) Can be achieved before and after the simultaneous turning

flash, double flash and braking, all light and other functions, and the vehicle steering, braking and other

systems function the same warning.

You'd better choose red

Flexible LED Strip
because of the long wavelenghth, it is the best choose for

Warning light.Led

are waterproof and with 3M adhesive back. The thickness is 2.5mm, width is 6mm, Can be

bent 60 degrees. Also, it is soft , have different colors and different sizes.

Using Waterproof Strips to decorate your loved cars is popular now, especialy young people. With soft light and

high brightness, the Waterproof Strips will bring you a new different feeling.


silicon drop on surface for waterproof LED Strips<br />
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Important Aspects for the Custom of LED Strips-B


LED quantity per meter and cuttable place in LED strips:

Generally the quantity of LED per meter is fixed. For example, 60 LED/M for 3528, 30 lLED/M, for 5050, 60 LED/M for 5050 is special. In case of other special specifications, such as 50 LED/M, it is necessary to change the circuit. Because usually the circuit is 3 LED per set, if 50 LED per meter, there would be one set without enough LED, but if change the circuit to 2 LED per meter, this will increase resistor and waste energy. So in case of special specification LED strip, please pay attention that LED quantity must be multiple of 3.

Furthermore, generally, each set can be cut. But some customers require each LED cuttable, this is also unreasonable. Because that is corresponding to a parallel circuit, and will not effect the lifespan of Flexible LED strips.


Non waterproof smd5050 60pcs LED Strips
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Important Aspects for the Custom of LED Strips


There are a lot of customers demand not conventional LED strips with special specifications, the strips need to custom. But because LED strips are not familiar with some of the technical parameters, many requirements of the customers do not meet the technical requirements, even if done, its use will also be affected. Here we particularly talk about the special custom for your reference:

1, Circuit design of LED strip:

Flexible LED strips can be with a circuit including the series circuit and parallel circuit, there is the series and parallel circuits. Series circuit has the advantage of constant current, relatively easy to control the LED driving current. Disadvantage is that if one LED is damaged, then all the LED will not light, but does not affect other LED life. Parallel circuit has the advantage of any of the broken LED LED does not affect other use. The disadvantage is the current limiting resistor if not, then any one LED is damaged, it will cause the current to increase at both ends of the other LED will burn out the other LED. And because a single LED of the drive voltage is low, the voltage will cause most to do useful work for is a waste of resources.

Series-parallel circuit is the LED strip lights with a universal circuit, because the use of several LED in series with a group, and then in parallel with other groups. To maximize the utilization of the supply voltage to reduce wasted effort loss. At the same time, the use of several LED series, can ensure these LED drive current is the same, is conducive to a constant LED current, to ensure that the LED's life. Flexible LED strip set in series and then after, and other groups in parallel, you can guarantee that if a case of damage will not affect the normal use of the other groups. Also, because each has a limiting resistor, so one group will not be affected by damage to the life of the other groups.


The color of violet silicon sleeve for waterproof LED Strips
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Flexible LED Strips VS Rigid LED Strips


Flexible LED strips are made of FPC circuit board, the assembly with SMT LED, the thickness of the product is only the thickness of a coin, not the space; general specifications 30cm long 18 LED, 24 LED and 50cm long 15 LED, 24 LED, 30 LED. There are 60cm, 80cm and so on, different users have different specifications. And LED strips can be arbitrarily cut off and not affect any extension. The FPC flexible material can be bent, folded, winding, three-dimensional space can be moved around and stretch without breaking. Irregular areas for small places and space, but also because any bending and winding can be suitable for any combination of advertising in a variety of decorative motifs.

2, LED strip. are made with the PCB board assembly circuit board hardware, LED useful for the assembly of SMD LED, LED-line is also useful for assembly, depending on the different needs of different components. LED strips have the advantage of easier fixation, processing and installation are relatively easy; disadvantage is not free to bend, not suitable for irregularities. SMD LED strips have used 18 LED, 24 LED, 30 LED, 36 LED, 40 LED such a good variety of specifications; with line LED's are 18, 24, 36, 48 different specifications, there is also a positive side, the side known as the Great Wall Light shining.

All waterproof LED Strips
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What is Flexible Neon LED strips ?-B


3. Long life and durable: Based on LED technology and new construction, this light can reach more than 100,000

hours life in any condition. Compared to glass neon

LED strips
, there is no doubt about its breakage.

4.Energy saving: flexible quintana
LED strip
can save more than 80% energy cost than glass neon
Flexible LED strips. 26.25W/M flexible quintana strip, 4.7W/M(R、Y、O)6.6W/M(G、B、W)

5. Flexible: it can be twisted to a circle with diameter of 8cm, and can be cut in any scissor mouth,so it can

be twisted into various characters and figures.

6. Safe: not like glass neon strip, it is working on 15,000 V high voltage, while flexible quintana strip is

working on 24V low voltage, and it is anti-static,low heat and extremely safe.

7. Shipment and installation: because it is similar to normal neon strips, so it is the same safe, and Tailor-

made card slot, installation only need a good first nail slot, then go to the card, and general wire installation

is easy and secure.


blue LED strips
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