Sony decoding battery installation manual  Laptop Battery

1.Some instructions users must know:

1.1 For VGP-BPS8/VGP-BPL8,/VGP-BPS9/VGP-BPL9,VGP-BPS10/VGP-BPL10,VGP-BPS11/VGP-BPL11/VGP-BPX11 battery drivers,they all can be installed in all xp/vista/windows7 32 bits operating system laptops; for bps12 till follow-up models battery drivers,such as bps13 bps14. they all can be installed in all vista/windows7 32 bits and 64 bits operating system laptops.

1.2 Please make sure that the antivirus software and firewall are all closed before the driver installation.

1.3 If you are using windows xp system, just run the software as instructed as 2.1 or 2.2 pictures show ,step by step; if you are using vista or windows 7 system,it is required that the drivers installation must be proceed in "Adminstrator" user. Please click here for how to enter "Adminstrator"user.

1.4 It may take 3- 40 mins to install ,depending on your own laptop configurations,so it must not be cut off power ,removed battery neither shut off the laptop by force.Otherwise, it may damage your laptop.

1.5 For the models which are already confirmed to be compatiable with ,please click:

BPS8/BPL8 fit models;BPS9/bos10/BPL9/bpL10 fit models;BPS11/BPL11/BPX11 fit models;BPS12/BPL12 fit models;BPS13/BPL13 fit models;BPS14/BPL14 fit models;BPS15/BPL15/BPS17/BPL17 fit models;BPS18/BPL18 fit models;BPS21/BPL21 fit models; BPS22/BPL22 fit models;….(We are continuing updating)

2.The detailed installation way of the driver

2.1 Close your laptop ,insert the good working as well capacity above 2% original battery (Important notice:If the original battery below 2% capacity or if without original battery,please reference the 2.3 way installation) ,boot your laptop ,copy the sonysetup.exe file to your laptop in CD,install it as following picture show

Step One, Double_click "sonysetup.exe"the driver soft will run automatically,the installing windows will pop-up,choose "Accept Agreement" as below


Step Two:When Choose the "Accept Agreement", it has been defaulted in "File Mode". Simply click "Update" to begin. The upgrade process will automatically back up the original BIOS. The laptop will reboot automatically after the BIOS update is completed.


Step three :Once the laptop has rebooted, replace the Sony battery with your new intelligent battery. And then fully charge the battery before use.

Note:" File Mode" is the safe mode, it will automatically back up the original BIOS file before update,higher security level,recommended to users for update.

"Patch Model"will update BIOS patch files.The security level is inferior to"File model".

2.2 If you succeed in installing with the ways mentioned above ,but the battery light is flicking ,please turn off your laptop and insert your battery again, boot your laptop ,then it can work fine.


2.3.1 If you only have new oem battery above 2% capacity ,without any original battery , please only connect the adaptor with your laptop without any battey,run the program directly ,then will come up with a error message which shows no battery. If so ,please close your software installationm,insert your oem battery ,run the software again as 2.1 picture shows.Finally,you can succeed.

2.3.2 Please charge the orginal battery capatity till 2% first if less ,then run the software.

Backup Firefox Profiles With A Single Click Using Batckup Firefox  

Firefox users who love to tweak with installed extensions, add-ons, and other browser settings, can’t afford to lose Firefox Profile folder while porting data from one system to another. Firefox Profile folder contains everything from browsing history, add-ons, cache, to bookmarks, etc., and can be backed up and restored easily with previously featured MozBackup. However, if you don’t want to select the Firefox profile elements prior to creating profile backups, you can use a simple batch script, called Batckup Firefox. It runs in Windows Command Line Interpreter (CMD), allowing you to create backup at defined location with a single keystroke. You wont have to manually set the way profile backups are to be created. Just specify the location and it will start backing up all Firefox profiles.

Run the BAT file with administrative privileges and enter the path where you want to create the backup folder. However, if you don’t specify the backup location, it will create the Firefox profile data backup on desktop.

backp f

Once the profiles backup process is finished, open the backup folder to verify if all the add-ons, extensions, user setting files have been copied from Profiles or not.

backup 2

Contrtasting to Mozbackup, Batckup Firefox has the ability to create backups of all the Firefox profiles in on go. It doesn’t offer an option to restore the profiles back at the original Firefox profile folder location. Nevertheless, you can manually open the location where backed up profile data has to be moved.

Download Batckup Firefox

Dell LATITUDE D420 Battery Dell LATITUDE D620 Battery Dell LATITUDE D820 Battery Dell INSPIRON 17 Battery Dell Studio xps 1340 Battery Sony VGP-BPS9/S Sony VGP-BPS13 DELL W953G ASUS C41-UX50 ASUS AL32-1005 ASUS AL23-901


Dell Streak Tablet Accessories  Laptop Battery


Dell Streak is finally official for an exclusive UK release as we talked about this in an earlier post while going through Dell Streak Specs. This 5-inch Android 2.1 running monster is capable enough to over-rule other such android devices with a number of powerful features and programs. Our sources also reveal that the Dell Streak tablet will soon be available in US in later summer this year.

This Android enabled Streak tablet will come with some really cool accessories and some of those are listed below:

Streak Inbox Accessories

  • Streak Unit

  • Stereo Head Phones With Microphone

  • USB to 30 Pin Sync/Charge cable

  • Power Supply Unit

  • Microfiber Carrying Pouch

Car Dock Kit

  • Car Dock Dash Mounting Plate

  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter

International Travel Kit

  • USB to 30 Pin Sync.Charge Cable

  • Regional Plug Set

Home AV Dock Kit

  • Home AV Dock

  • USB to Mini USB sync Cable

  • USB to DC Charge Cable

  • Power Supply Unit

  • Regional Plug


  • Streak Battery

Our source of these accessories has been those leaked Dell Streak documents depicting all accessories information.

This Dell Streak Tablet Accessories use these batteries:

Dell Vostro 1310 Battery Dell Vostro 1710 Battery Dell RN897 Battery Dell RN873 Battery Dell LATITUDE D620 Battery Dell LATITUDE D820 Battery Dell LATITUDE E6400 Battery Dell Studio 1558 Battery Dell Studio 1745 Battery


Choosing a Laptop with Longest Battery Life: Laptops That Provide More Juice for Users  

Looking for a laptop with longest battery life is challenging. That's because today’s laptop makers are packing these machines with extra power which compromises battery longevity.

laptop with longest battery lifeAs a general rule, mini laptops have longer battery life. Typically, any mini laptop can last for as long as 6 to 8 hours. There's a good reason why ultra portables have more juice in their batteries...

First of all, a mini laptop has limited computing power. Normally, it is equipped with a slow but energy efficient processor. A mini laptop usually does not have dedicated graphics card which greatly helps in extending it's battery life.

These trimmed down features enable a mini laptop to clock more hours compared to a fully featured laptop.

Mini or Fully Featured

A typical Netbook or an ultra portable has 6 to 8 cells of batteries, but there are newer models that have even more battery cells than that. These batteries can power any mini laptop for a minimum of 6 hours if you are watching videos or if you use the machine to play games.

You will get more juice, normally 8 to 10 hours, if you are using non-demanding applications, checking emails, taking down notes or simply browsing the web.

In most mini laptops, several energy saving features are in place. For example, the machine can adjust the backlighting automatically. It can also turn off the screen display after one or two minutes of being idle.

Apple claims that its 17-inch MacBook Pro, which is a fully featured laptop, can run for more than 8 hours. However, after reviewers from CNET tested the machine and ran it on full power, the MacBook lasted only 4 hours. This is also similar to the performance of Dell’s Adamo which is touted to last for more than 5 hours. However, after a review by The Wall Street Journal, the Adamo was only able to clock a measly 2 hours.

Be careful with what the companies "claim" there battery life to be at. You're better off looking at a third party reviewer who will test the laptop under more typical conditions.

Laptop with Longest Battery Life

The following laptops have superior battery life providing you with more computing time. You have to take note however that the extended battery life of mini laptops has a several drawbacks also.

In improving uptime and longevity, these machines compromise computing power by using less powerful processors. If you are more interested in battery longevity, then take a serious look at these machines.

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