Our LED Light Panel in Expo

The square lighting of Shanghai World Expo Park, along the landscape, identity and intelligent guidance system and some indoor and outdoor lighting applications are using our company's LED products. Also, important night lighting also use some of our company's LED light panel and LED strips. More than 10% of the entire Expo site the night view of using our company's LED lights, the Expo site has become the world's largest LED demonstration area, and there are our contributions.


led light panel in World Expo Park
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LED Light Panel Used in Office in Shanghai

A newly opened company in Shanghai purchased
LED lights
from us for indoor deocoration and lighting. They mainly purchased

LED Light Panel
for office lighting.The features of these

LED lights panel
are super bright, low light decay, long life, wide lighting dimension. Meanwhile

they prucahsed some

LED strips
for decoration in the office.


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The three considered factors when design backlit LED light panel


For the backlit LED light panel,its key technology is the control of the brightness uniformity , General speaking, to improve the brightness uniformity needs to increase the thickness of mixed light ,in order to increase the optical path to achieve the best mix of light,.But this bound to make the thickness of the light more heavy and mass loss of light.

For the direct type LED light panel, the usage of HT80-M diffuser makes LED light source to spray diffusion, the principle is that every board in the spread of the formation of stars LED circular spot spread between the spot and spread some overlap. So, see from the positive side, can achieve uniform aerosol effect. Achieve such results, we need to consider three factors.

First, the usage of LED type, different LEDs have different spot in the diffusion plate. We always tend to choose wide bean angle leds.

Second, the distance between leds,In theory, the smaller distance is better, because the smaller the distance between the diffuser and led. But the small distance will makes the power consumption higher. So, it is important to select the appropriate spacing and determine the total power consumption.In addition to that, the arrangement of leds is also very important, the normal is square or rectangular array, equilateral triangle. The principle is the formation of stars LED board in the spread of proliferation and the spread of spot beam overlap between the minimum.

Third, the distance between plate and leds, the smaller distance will lead to less light loss, but the distance between the small bright spot will lead to LED highlight.

So, to design uniformity, no spot, less light loss backlit panel lights, we need pay attaention to the above 3 factors.

Product Features of LED panel light;

We use inported optical grade PMMA.

High transmittance, high haze, up to 82% light transmission rate and 92% haze. At the same time, we use advanced optical design and the proliferation of material to adjust the light propagation direction, to improve the optical brightness and diffusion effects.

The Diffuser is matte and smooth at both sides respectively. Please make sure matte face towards outside when use.

Application of LED light panel:

Used in direct type light source for LED lighting, such as down light, grid lamps, high-grade aluminum lights, installed in the LED downlight, the light loss of at least 10%.

Used in LED light source for side lighting, such as flat panel lights, advertising light boxes, lamps professional view films, usually with the use of light guide plates.

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LED Light Panel in Shanghai Hotel


A newly opened hotel in Shanghai ordered LED lights from us, the meeting room in the hotel uses LED light panel for lighting, this kind of LED light panel is super thin and commercial white. And other rooms use LED tube lights and LED strips for lighting and decoration.



LED Llight Panel in Film Studio


A famous imaging company in Hong Kong built a new film studio, and they ordered a lot of LED lights from us. They use LED light panel as background lighting, the feature of this kind of LED light panel is super bright and can provide a better shooting. In addition, other places are also installed LED strips and LED tube lights as lighting.