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Forte played NCAA Division I college football at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, a member of Conference USA. Forte lettered for four years and played for 3 while pursuing a degree in finance. His junior year was cut short when he suffered an injury in the game against Marshall University. His standout season was his senior year, coming off a knee injury, Forte set several Tulane school records, including rushing for 2,127 yards and 23 touchdowns. He had five 200+ yard rushing games and two 300+ yard games during the 2007 season. Forte was the only non-BCS athlete to be a semifinalist for both the Maxwell and Doak Walker Awards and to make the Walter Camp Player of the Year List, and one of just 3 players nationally to be named to all three lists.

On March 2, 2012, Forte was given the franchise tag by the Bears that is worth $7.74 million.However, Forte has expressed his frustration and has refused to sign the tender, which eventually led to the Bears signing Michael Bush.Forte has since then considered a possibility of holding out until he gets a long term deal.Forte eventually skipped the team’s organized team activity (OTA) workouts.Forte was eventually given a July 16 deadline to agree to a long-term deal. Forte agreed to a four-year, 32 million dollar deal.

Forte earned a degree in Finance from Tulane University in May 2009. In his spare time, Forte enjoys playing video games, especially Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Halo 3 for the Xbox 360.Forte was also the runner up in the 2008 Rookie Madden Bowl, finishing second to future Bears teammate Devin Thomas.Forte followed his father who played for the Green Wave at Tulane University in the 1970s.

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Cartier glasses mainly refer to eyewear  

Cartier eyeglasses are some of the most comprehensive series, including almost all products and series in the world. Cartier glasses manufactured here can be either high end or low end, depending on specific brands and fashion design houses. This is because China is the great “manufacturing factory” of the world and many famous brands decide to manufacture products here. Cartier sunglasses are some of most high end products in the world- Japan have the best fashion houses and designers in the world, but their cost for workers is also very high. This is why most Cartier glasses are very expensive. HK is also a fashion center in the world, and Ray Ban sunglasses are also outstanding items in Asia and around the world. Of course, there are also many other Cartier glasses made by other countries and regions, like Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

Comparatively speaking, Asian eye wear are very cheap among all products in the world. This is because Asia has the lowest labor cost, only a small part of that in other countries. This is also why Cartier Eyewear are very popular among many people, especially those with low income.
Some people may have the misconception that black Cartier glasses are those made with black or dark lenses. These products do exist but spectacles equipped with dark or black lenses have been traditionally used for UV protection and been classified into Cartier sunglasses. The commonly referred black Cartier glasses represent eyeglasses coming in black frames. Their lenses are normally clear so that in most cases they are regular prescription Cartier glasses. Why this group of spectacles has been so popular in recent years and never shown a trend of fading out? An assumable reason is that black has been and continues to be a classic color. It can go well with a significantly large number of customers. A boy wearing a pair of black Cartier glasses appears normal and confident, while a similar pair would make a lady cool and mysterious. Currently, black Cartier glasses can be combined with any element of other aspects of eyewear. This also benefits from the generic features of this color. For instance, black spectacles are now available in bendable metal, titanium, stainless steel frames as well as other plastic materials. And any kind of different functional Cartier glasses mentioned in the first paragraph could take use of black frames. It is acceptable to say that black eyewear is universally applicable.

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Several years ago, most Cartier glasses users knew that only local optical shops sell prescription Cartier eyeglasses. And they did not know that a single pair of ordinary Cartier glasses which charged hundreds of dollars was unreasonable. With the emergence of online glass stores, it is possible to get really cheap Cartier glasses. The average price gap between these two different sources can be very huge and even unimaginable. Compared with local shops, eyewear stores over the Internet take much less daily expense like house rental fee and maintain fewer employees.

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Dark Cartier sunglasses can always do a good job in providing adequate UV protection. It is for sure that such a protection is invisible. And dark lenses do not automatically block more harmful UV light than light lenses. The key point of guaranteeing the protection is to make dark lenses sufficiently protective. Or it is equal to say that these lenses should be adequately dark. Inadequate dark lenses provoke the eyes to open wider and more unfiltered rays will enter the eyes. Another point is that lens color does not determine the degree of UV protection. In this case, dark Cartier sunglasses can actually be as competent as lenses of various colors. And expensive brands providing dark models do not guarantee optimal UV protection.

As a basic sort of sunglasses, dark Cartier Sunglasses maintain a stable group of users due to its natural features. Compared with colored sunglasses, dark models seem more normal and prudent. So, it is not surprising that many policemen choose to wear dark Cartier glasses, rather than a green or blue pair. Dark sunwear still has a particular function. Many celebrities such as movie stars use dark Cartier glasses to mask their identity in public.

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