Is exploding the small white shoe of a style of plan Adidas  

almost become Adidas that the some treasure explodes a style small white shoe this year, keep the green mark that plank shoe sole, two well ventilated bores of side parallelism plus shoe tail, Adidas of the sign white sports shoes Stan Smith became annual street to clap a mirror to lead the tallest single article.

although it is said vogue turn the origin has his/her own transmigration of soul laws.But from this year's sale scale to expose degree, Adidas spent more idea formely to this classic style of ratio.Hence we tallied up some ways, and combined an Adidas market director general Jon Wexler attend to share in a short subject program of expansion skill, get conclusion like this.

the Adidas small white shoe swept the streets of reason, more is the plan that comes from brand.

the cold rice heat stir-fry-the first pure field release again

in fact this is small white shoe, the embryo has already been designed in the 60's in last century.And in the 1970's drive win twice big slam tennis star Stan Smith re- assign name to.Passed by for 50 years, but it has been the position that the single Adidas product sells tallest quantity, total amount 4000 many ten thousand pairs of of sale quantity, the real strenght promotes the joss-stick of sports shoes field to float.

however fore several years, Adidas no longer releases a Stan Smith new product and starts "clean up a market".To this, Adidas Wexler says, "the supply chain broke and caused end supply falls short of demand.Adidas then releases to say in the website, because various reason, this sports shoes is getting more off-the-shelf."

but after re- shuffling cards, Adidas passes the C é line creativity director general Phoebe Philo, send thanks and put on this style of small white shoe that"disappear quietly" on the show in 2014.The letting of success is small white the shoe come out again in people's view.

although it has already"disappear quietly", its neuter gender, again not expensive, and pole Chien, again and successfully ascend Google of the heat search a placard.


Canadian ladys' wear brand Laura will be given or got an electric   

Laura Be underneath to own Laura, LauraPetites and MelanieLyne etc. brand, it totally owns 150 shop fronts in Canada, front has already once meant to turn off some stores with poor accomplishment, and plan in the reorganization to continue to conduct.

Laura admit, its 2012-2013 years loss in business huge, but president KalmanFisher calls henceforth the accomplishment has a rally.

"we will reorganize a business tectonic plate, expectation with the better financial standing continue for our customer serve."Fisher means in releasing willing.

he says:"Our customer's loyalties are very high, to us under the different financial standing effort of made, they all gave positive feedback."But, he didn't reveal to exactly have how much house the store will be closed.

according to the company creditor arrangement of Canada method, Laura will be free from the indictment of creditor during the period of reorganization.

according to understand, competition in the Canadian ladys' wear market is very vigorous, the past two years inside, several dealers all hurt next, include catena general merchandise among them Sears and Target, the former is closing to stop parts of stores, the latter has already withdrawn Canada completely.

industry insider reveal, new of the dealer continuously flow out to go into, and on-line sale of rising, all make the fashionable dresses retail price of Canada encounter serious wound.Recently, Mexx Canada declares a bankruptcy, Jacob only reserves the on-line business in Canada.Last week, JonesNewYork declared to procure for it Canadian business finding out a seller, but BikiniVillage already drive LaVieenRose.Is public data suggest, Laura is established in the Montreal in 1930 by LauraWolstein, become national catena clothing till 90's in 20th century store, is still household industry currently.