Match field sponsor not that sufficient Nike's waiting to exercise  

we once were plain analytical in former times, when each Olympic Games game came, exercised the brand was leading to become a sponsor, and food, went together with to decorate etc. profession also can't carefree, along together join the brigade row of robbing the sponsor.This to brand, probably paying to combine can't become a direct proportion with income, but be good at the brand of investment that does a long term, the nature can't care too much.Recently, NBA declares that the next match will start a sports clothes sponsor advertisement for quarter.

according to know, this NFL sports clothes on the match quarter has already led off to appear an advertisement, but sports clothes up refreshingly appear Kia and Adidas advertisement.But this almost has never appeared on the NBA history for the sake of protecting the ground of the one square inch of this end and gives attention to both to broadcast square and field building sponsor's worry at the same time, worrying of NBA fan, alliance hasn't been agreeing to throw in an advertised claim, though have the research the personage to think, this meets market demands, can bring the income of USD 100,000,000 for alliance at the same time.

however, this a square clean soil of the end will also throw to lose.The alliance means that will at 2017/2018 match quarter up throw in an advertisement, but just completed Adidas of sponsor contract to lose a player's sports clothes left shoulder with alliance of this is square inch of of the priority of ground.But signed Nike that sponsors contract for eight years with alliance, after replacing the main sponsor that Adidas became NBA, will there is the sports clothes to hope to appear in the ball team in the next match quarter up.

although say thus of hard widely transplant the disaffection that will arouse an everyone on the very great degree, , face many advertisement with little gruels of monks, the brand square has already cast covetous eyes on.Therefore, the decision like this isn't accidental, but the long-term market demands arouses.However, facing this has been already opened of"restriction order", will brand the squares spend to much and strongly annoy to"gold land" of competing this small cake of?

let our in hopes of new news announcement, probably this exorbitant price will make you surprised.


Get into ZARA brand center  

but Zara can provide a most quickly on-line margin in more than 2000 core suppliers of world for it.At according to carry to carry of in the electronical system, Zara supplier as long as putting forward an application, headquarters the meeting can complete such a margin for 24 hours from Hong Kong or Singapore, according to corresponding a need to allocate funds to directly remit his Chinese account, don't need any complicated procedure.The processing plant of world-wide locations no longer needs to worry about funds but.

these funds come from efficiently, flourishing capital market, Zara obviously built the financial link of a higher layer, this also promoted the rapid growth of the whole Zara ecosystem turn.Zara acquired with all management bodies of supplier cooperations.

so, a core of organization from now on lie in the ecosystem turn that integrate higher layer.Be not the competition of of price, technique any more in the future, but the competition of of ecosystem turn.The mode of ecosystem turn should be such, the logistics is foundation, the information flows with funds flow is to prop up, culture is a layer.This be in the future organize of competition ability place.