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1. Which server houses the database partitions in the AIX BCU V2.1?
A. IBM System p5 570
B. IBM System p5 575
C. IBM System p5 590
D. IBM System p5 595
Answer: B

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2. If the ADD DBPARTITIONNUM command is used to add a new database partition to an existing DB2 instance,which statement is correct?
A. All existing databases in the instance are expanded to the new database partition but data cannot be stored on the newpartition until it has been added to a partition group.
B. Database partition groups within existing databases will automatically include the new database partition and willredistribute their existing data to the new partition.
C. Any single partition databases within the instance will automatically become multi-partition databases once the newpartition is added to the instance.
D. A database administrator would need to modify the db2nodes.cfg file to complete the addition of the new partition tothe instance.

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1. You have installed the Linux Base onto a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) server that will be configured as a Member Server. You are ready to perform the Security Configuration. All LAN connections are in place and functioning normally.
After connecting through a browser, what is your next step to perform the Security Configuration of this COTS Member server?
A. Enter the IP address of the Certificate Authority in the address bar of the browser.
B. Enter the IP address of the Primary Security server in the address bar of the browser.
C. Enter the FQDN of the COTS Member server in the address bar of the browser.
D. Enter the FQDN of the Primary Security server in the address bar of the browser.
Answer: C


2. A customer is deploying a Communication Server (CS) Rls. 6.0 system. They plan to have a Dell R300 COTS configured as the Primary Security Server and a CPPM configured as a Backup Security Server.
Which statements regarding the roles of the Primary and Backup Security Server are true? (Choose two.)
A. You must have a Backup Security Server for the CS 1000 network.
B. The Backup Security Server is automatically promoted to Primary Security Server.
C. The Primary Security Server cannot be demoted to a member server.
D. The Backup Security Server automatically handles authentication requests when the Primary is down.
Answer: CD

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1. Refer to the exhibit. A junior network engineer has prepared the exhibited configuration file. What two statements are true of the planned configuration for interface fa0/1? (Choose two.)
A. The two FastEthernet interfaces will require NAT configured on two outside serial interfaces.
B. Address translation on fa0/1 is not required for DMZ Devices to access the Internet.
C. The fa0/1 IP address overlaps with the space used by s0/0.
D. The fa0/1 IP address is invalid for the IP subnet on which it resides.
E. Internet hosts may not initiate connections to DMZ Devices through the configuration that is shown.
Answer: BE


2. Refer to the exhibit. Which statement describes DLCI 17?
A. DLCI 17 describes the ISDN circuit between R2 and R3.
B. DLCI 17 describes a PVC on R2. It cannot be used on R3 or R1.
C. DLCI 17 is the Layer 2 address used by R2 to describe a PVC to R3.
D. DLCI 17 describes the dial-up circuit from R2 and R3 to the service provider.
Answer: C

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は、Microsoftを使用して、Windows Communication Foundationサービスを作成します。NET Framework 3.5の。
機能の追加(整数整数は、ByValからnum2としてByVal NUM1)_

機能BeginAddメソッド(整数整数は、ByValからnum2としてByVal NUM1)_

機能BeginAddメソッド(整数整数は、ByValからnum2としてByVal NUM1、_
整数としてAsyncCallbackに、オブジェクトとしてByVal状態としてByVal CB)

機能BeginAddメソッド(整数整数は、ByValからnum2としてByVal NUM1)_

機能BeginAddメソッド(整数整数は、ByValからnum2としてByVal NUM1、_
IAsyncResultのようにするAsyncCallback、オブジェクトとしてByVal状態としてByVal CB)




は、Microsoftを使用して、Windows Communication Foundationサービスを作成している。NET Frameworkには、3.5。


B. <エンドポイントのアドレス="メタ"結合="wsHttpBindingが"_




マイクロソフト70-569まででは、70-569認定試験に合格することが保証! 70-569は70-569試験の準備のためのあなたの究極の源です。あなたは私たちのマイクロソフト70-569研究ガイドまたは70-569試験エンジンシミュレータを使用し、これまで後者の発生した70-569までの製品の受領から90日以内にご購入のまたは90日以内に一度、対応する70-569試験に失敗した場合。この70-569の保証を要求する連絡、その後70-569試験材料は、全額払戻しのため返却することができます。


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