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A flashing ring o' bling of rip off cheap taste. Lil Wayne Wearing $1 Million Beats beats by dre by Dre Headphones Is a Diamond Studded MessI mean, it's so ridiculous even your 222 rapper BFF Drake had to look at you funnyWhile the world was expecting more headphones from the Monster Cables and Dr Dre collaboration that is Beats By Dr Dre, what might have come as an eye-brow raiser was the launch of an iPod dock.The almost self-naming Beatbox is a ?99.95 piece of kit set with 2 x 2-inch high frequency drivers 333 and 2 x 5.25-inch bass long throw bass units. There's no sub, 555 but according to the Doc himself it sounds as if there is.The Beatbox comes with a remote control, a carry handle and a rather nice volume feature which 444 will gradually bring the sound up to the level you left it at when you connect your iPod - rather than blowing your ears off if it was set to maximum."

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At home. At the gym. Places where headphones aren't acceptable? Courtside at beats by dre an entertaining basketball game. Places where it's okay to wear Beats by Dre headphones: None. Not with these much better headphones around. So Mr. 222 Carter, by wearing your diamond studded Beats by Dre headphones at the NBA All Star Game yesterday, you broke three of the golden rules of diamond wearing, headphone using life. Tsk, tsk. See Lil Wayne, if you wore diamond studded Grados at an unentertaining basketball game, 333 I wouldn't be mad at you. They're open-back! They sound fantastic! Likewise, if you wore regular Beats by Dre headphones to the NBA All Star Game, 444 I wouldn't be mad either! 555 You have to support your fellow hip hop artists. All good. But what you have on your head is a million dollar mistake.