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23rd:"Yesterday morning at Calvary Bapt at Church Rev. Joseph Wexler, a Burberry Outlet converted Jewish Rabbi, preached a brilliant sermon to a large audience. Mr. Wexler has come to Denver to do missionary work among the Hebrews, and although he has been in this city but three weeks he is much impressed 'Burberry Outlet liis no.v field of labor and /eels that he will be as successful as he has been in other places."Rev. Joseph Wexler, D. D., is the son of the chief Rabbi of Austria and part of Egypt and the Holy Laud and would have succeeded his father in the Jewish Church. He, however embraced the Christian belief, and was converted a Juicy Couture Outlet  over two years ago in Vienna, after he was ordained rabbi of- Emmanuel Temple by Dr. Delitzscb, one of the most noted Biblical scholars of this or any other age. After his conversion he was deposed as rabbi of Emmanuel-temple, Vienna, and was renounced by his father and family. Through Dr. Delitzsch's influence Mr. Wexler was sent to London, England, to labor Burberry Outlet the Jews of that city under an English Society and met Burberry Outlet much success. After nearly two years labor there he felt that he was called to do missionary work in this country and upon arriving here about a month ago he came to Denver, which he found the most needy field, and intends to devote his lime and work among the Juicy Couture Outlet Jews of this city at once.Dr. Wexler wa.s first ordained into the Episcopal ministry by the lore bishop at London, but he feels that be never has received the true buria Burberry Outlet Christ, as that alone he regards as the apostolic baptism, and last night he was baptized at Calvary church by Rev. A.A.Cameron, During the morning services Dr. Wexler was assisted by Professor Haskell.If our Denver cotemporary de eirea to protect the people of Calvary Baptist Church and others from be, ing'imposed upon by a fraud ii will do well to have one' of it.1 representatives scrutinize Dr. Wex ler, and ascertain whether his np pearance and characteristics agree Burberry Outlet the following delineation:Under medium height, soruewha broad or square build; slightly stoop Shouldered; brown Imir, inclined, tobe Burberry Outlet  crimp or curly; broad face, rather heavy.eyebrosvs in addition to light-weight Juicy Couture Outlet  brown eyes, cheek bone tissues a Juicy Couture Outlet  bit prominent- here's a slanting scratch all over one among ihem; substantial slack lips; framed by means of extraordinarily dense lips; a large sinuses of which hugs the head quite directly, currently being he / she other on the regular Hebrew. iroboscis, having considerably gaping nostril, --; from time to time blushes as soon as dealt Burberry Outlet, although uot by natural modesty; provides all around some sort of superabundance connected Burberry Outlet suavity in addition to administers hyperbolic enhances by means of below wholesale; helps make him or her self one among his or her fundamental things connected Burberry Outlet talk and is particularly prepared to help contemplate in particular when her own righteousness. In the event that become a accurate snapshot connected Burberry Outlet Doctor. VVexler they are anyone connected Burberry Outlet variable conscience in addition to quick change; thus will probably have enjoying. Your target Burberry Outlet presenting marketing towards foregoing is to defend Colorado dupes should some sort of skulking suspicions on the Optician's individuality possibly be accurate, he / she need to be struck that Juicy Couture Outlet  has a quick lapse connected Burberry Outlet ram he may, by power connected Burberry Outlet pattern, remedy 'to this label connected Burberry Outlet Doctor. Josef. Doctor. Isaacson, or maybe other sorts of cast-off cognomen to help which often they have also been comfortable. THIS CHOLERA OUTBREAK. This publisher on the Liverpool Lancet, a superior professional medical guru, possesses serviced towards Liverpool correspondent on the Chi town DaVy Announcement the subsequent summation on the advance on the cholera outbreak Burberry Outlet European union informed, which often presents itself to be a cable connection exclusive as report Burberry Outletin time frame connected Burberry Outlet August 20: "While enjoying to discover no matter if cholera seemed to be this holiday season to help enhance by Mesopotamia in addition to -Persia by using wrinkles connected Burberry Outlet people love-making betweenthose places in addition to southeastern Paris, announcement possesses are


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