I said I cannot do another West Wing  

Pope, a self-styled "avenging angel" with, as it turns out, a rather questionable line in morality, does actually don a white hat, during the finale of season two. But that's not the point. As a fictional character, Olivia Pope has done much more than iron out a few creases on Capitol Hill; she has divined the answer to the perennial question posed daily by almost every working woman in the Western world: "What the heck should I wear to the office?"British-born Lyn Paolo is the Emmy-award-winning costume designer responsible for Pope's crisp, luxe look. Ms. Paolo, already known for her work on "ER" and "The West Wing" and, most recently, the videogame "Grand Theft Auto V" , explains that she wanted Ms. Washington's character to stand out: "I wanted her to look female in a man's world." Ms. Paolo was persuaded to style for the show after a conversation with its creator, writer Shonda Rhimes : "I said I cannot do another 'West Wing.'

You're going to need to let me be more creative, she's not 'inside' the Beltway, she's more human somehow."And so, in a calculated deviation from the blue, red and black traditionally worn on the Hill, Olivia Pope wears soft, flattering off-neutrals in camels, beiges, grays, taupes, creams, soft pinks and even, in one scene, eau de nil, while juggling political dynamite with one hand and toting a takeout coffee in the other. She's buttoned up, with little flesh on show, but never buttoned-down banker boring. Her silhouettes are soft but sharp, her heels are high (pumps, platforms or wedges from Prada, Miu Miu or Gucci) and the luxury fabrics of her clothing connote her status and her earning power. Even the Monique Péan ring Ms. Washington wears (notably on her index finger) has a back story: "I can't tell you what it is," says Ms. Paolo firmly, with an eye on future episodes.Not since "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" have clothes been used to such powerful effect; particularly where color and cut are concerned.
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It's a great way to connect the community  

"Like the market isn't fun enough on its own, meeting lots of interesting people and tasting delicious food grown and prepared from the locals sounded like a fun approach."One of the local famers who participates in the market, Davyanne Moriarty, proposed the idea for the competition last year."It's a great way to connect the community with the market in a more deeply interactive way," said Seacoast Growers Association PR Director Dyanna Smith. "It challenges everyone to be creative with it and to come together to share ideas and celebrate together."Creativity was evident in the array of salsas with an abundance of different colors, textures, and tastes."You can taste how fresh each one is," said market customer Craig Stevens of Durham, who was having a hard time choosing his favorite. "I think one has peach in it and it's pretty darn good. I would never have thought to put peach in it. I think another has green olives. I never would have thought of that either."

Although none of the participants printed off recipes to leave with their creations, some of the additional ingredients tasted included cilantro, roasted eggplant, garlic, and jalapeno.According to Battistelli, the turnout last year was great and this year was no different. The competition is a way to raise awareness about the market and alert the public to fresh produce that is in season at this time of year.Everyone could vote, even the salsa makers. Kids took their turns sampling each salsa in the line, but often avoided the spiciest at their parents' warning.Meaghan Page of Cracked An Egg Farm in Barrington had created a variation of a couple different salsa recipes that resulted in one of the spiciest. Her salsa ran out early, however, so market guests didn't have as much of an opportunity to try or vote for it."I think mine was the best," she said.As the market neared its close, the secretive vote tallying began. Up for grabs was a large collection of market goodies, donated by the farmers, which would go to the winner.
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