Sep. 20 2016  

Today, I skipped the writing class which starts at 7:30 because I was really sleepy. While being on the bed, I was thinking how many days I can skip the class. After that, I attended the reading class. I got to know a Korean girl whose name is Bella during the class. She talked to me with smattering of Japanese, "nihonjin desuka?." I said yes in Japanese and asked where she is from in English. after she answered, I said that I know some Korean can speak Japanese. She said her name but I was not able to hear it because of her low voice. I though it was Pella, When I found that her name correctly, I remembered that most Korean can pronounce B sound. Maybe it's not true but I know they can pronounce F sound. When they try to say F sound, they will unintentionally say P sound. So B sound is kind of F sound for Korean. She also told me a real name, Korean name, but I regretfully forgot it. I was thinking that Korean face is a little bit different from Japanese one, but I found it's not true after leaving from Japan.This is because she looks so Japanese!

In this afternoon, I met the family that they visited my house when I was only 5 years old. They took me a great Italian restaurant. That was really nice and I love "puttanesca" and pizza. It's called Eatalian. We talked about my family, The US and Japan. After having nice dinner, we took a photo in front of the restaurant and the husband posted it on his facebook. So my mother was able to see it and called to me. "How was it?" she said. "I had a great time", I said.

Anyway, I'll go to bed and prepare for great tomorrow.


Sep. 18 2016  

Today, I spent my time reading the biography of Steve Jobs on McDonald's and the Target.This assignment is due on 3 days later. So I was reading that book very hastily. the story about Steve Jobs is really interesting. I love that. My mother has once taught me that genius persons are so far different from usual persons. I believe it and saw the fact that I got so many odd and not ordinary friends when a student of musical university.And also, Steve was unusual person that other people around him disliked him and averted get along with him. He, however, was rational but intuitive. Sometimes I think I should be like him to be a great man who could make wonderful success on music, composition. That means I must be a nutcase and prickly, I thought. however, recently, I don't think so. I think I should be my personality which is the only one.So, this must be a key.

After doing homework, I headed over the Yoshinoya to buy a meal. I was really hungry. When arrived at my home, I found my friend's bike parked in front of my apartment where he is going to live. Did he already live ere..? I ate a meal in my room and became sleepy.


Sep 15 2016  

Today, I was absent from classes, Writing and Reading. Strictly speaking, I skipped these classes. So, I got up at about 10:30am and went to the McDonald's to have lunch. After passing through the gate, I happened to see Japanese my friends who are eating lunch.I knew two but he is the one I've never met before. I firstly thought he was Japanese but I found he wasn't Japanese when I heard he was speaking English.

After lunch, I went to the Target to do my assignments that is to read the biography of Steve Jobs. While reading it, I found that Jobs' personality resembles my best friend's one. He was a violist. He was a super eccentric person who talked about philosophical issue with me when we met for the first time. I remember that the conversation with him continued until morning.No sooner had I read the book than I told him about it. "That's interesting," he replied. "I'm surprised that his personality is amazing."

I bought some food for dinner and cooked a stew which my mother taught me a recipe. I had dinner and I'm full. I gonna go to bed. Good night.

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