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smailik.jpgSmeh are recognized to prolong life. And can prolong our life games? Answer to this, we learn below. Thus, the 10 most ridiculous on-line computer games in the past. Let's begin coming from the end.

Maybe there game Portal (Portal) may just be called too fleeting, however it were memorable artificial intelligence. In most cases, form incontrovertible buy runescape fact that the artificial brain GLaDOS perfectly fulfilled its intellectual responsibilities, he were able to joke and, quite good. From the beginning on top of the end of Portal (Portal), your ears literally wither concerning the confessions like, "You're not clever and do not remain healthy .. Minor even work! "," Every thing you capable to beat - it's my heart, "" We simply pretended that is certain to kill you "and the unforgettable" The dessert really was. " Thanks to the comments by its game GlaDOS Portal (Portal) is definitely more interesting, and - fun.

Voice of Gary Busey - genuinely ridiculous! It becomes immediately clear how a game will give a great deal entertainment and fun, and even more importantly - humor. Gary Busey, voicing the famous compilation of GTA and tried their most favorite here. And then the game is a nice funny interpretation belonging to the Grand Theft Auto (Grand Auto hijacker). The look off self-assured and confident . character is in many cases changed within editor so as that obhohocheshsya and mission - simply lovely sight. Spray the streets fikaliyami, blow up cars, dressed in fireproof overalls, guard notorious celebrity. Full entertainment for each different individual.

Bingo could certainly required title a parody of parodies. This action'e all runescape accounts for sale seemed started its head. This game tells of the confrontation between humans and zombies. You - the zombie Stubbs. Rest most things that is emotionally involved with this zombie, rotting bodies, decayed lower jaw alongside wild want to eat brains!! Superb humor and amazing style.

Good deal more fun to get evil lousy . " good - good motto together with the game Overlord. And, indeed, destroy the peaceful village, everywhere as well as the crap and detect candy from kids was incredibly fun. Obhohocheshsya. Especially since the villains amongst gamers are very runescape help inconspicuous and unexpected creatures. Unicorns, dwarves, elves. I will you will feel, despite every crimes themselves practically an angel.
Very small army of players laugh besyat everywhere follow their ruler - the protagonist for this game, that are you. Adware and spyware can always cheer up, pulling the nearest farm, a pumpkin, making up his head and offer it to a portal.

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Possibly the most eerie place, and as a result quite terrifying monsters is going to be the laboratory of H. An excellent we consider the actuality the doorway the lab you will need to destroy a substantial horde of bandits, then generally creepy. When you're up to the lab, at the beginning perceived to don't have anything is definitely not preceded by monsters, yet the atmosphere s incredibly alarming. Really buy runescape gold get scared, creaks, the songs creates an impression out from fear. And here they're, flying monsters translucent, resembling ghosts. But whats most incredible is really because they not able to destroy, the shots so they can create creatures disappear while, nonetheless soon reappear, all of which continues to be throw you into fireballs.

The number one cluster of zombies at basketball STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl (STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl), which hit gold as your trusted companion, is it doesn't territory of an nuclear reactor. In fact, zombies have got buy runescape accounts approach the reactor will happens to sufficient quantities, of course take on the territory come to be quite cruel. Eliminate the zombie easiest shot inside the head, but that is just enough time to aim isn't necessarily enough, and given their multiple quantitative advantage, then there don't get on to the sight. Area of the have ready more ammunition for Kalashnikov assault rifle that, in extreme cases, you can simply sow the queue right and left, without runescap communitye worrying about missing cartridges. Frighten rather large diverse zombie SWAT, which attack a variety of ways. Lets say, some firing around the Kalash and throw grenades, homeowners show the sketches inside the label of acrobatic break, beating his feet. Also, the previous few dangerous, since crawl at the bottom land, becoming quite noticeable specifically in the bush.

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Immediately following blueprints building city center, it's important to immediately take mine. So that it will delete. Not worth quotation that means pay attention to gold. A lot more so without worrying about the ball can be difficult. We act recorded at a pace - if any crosses crawling on wood or stone - disorder. Everyone ought to featuring mines. Right before the upgrades that can the stone and wood - active in the mines offers runescape gold more good crosses. If for example cross will not enough - t is possible to take with meals. Gold mine today (of your accumulation of gold) is pumped roughly 10 seats (by the second barracks building is delayed - to hell making use of them - with seventy pichnikami - still Austrian - sucks). Alternatively mines - near impossible. Truth be told, anytime a 45-minute truce is acceptable to never pump some iron and coal mines. Gold effectively as the time costs too much. But some of iron and coal mines it is critical to function! Since iron is urgently needed 10,000 and 20,000 coal - it upgrades to the horses, using a rock and 1700s. Aspect of coal even have to buy. But better, definitely, to pump a person of the mines - where else 1 - 1.A few minutes during the 17th century. Of course, you are pump plus the Eighteenth century, runescape safe powerleveling but investing ought to be done right away, or not have any meaning. Ports can be build or build. And tuck them onto the 17th century with difficulty, but to start in their Eighteenth century past too far. And they'll adequate to enjoy their mean will not be much - about 50 thousand, but the tree itself, the boat usually takes upgrades and 25 thousand. Not important commerce. So, with advice for number 2 and # 3 are not able to build, about the runescape proxy strategy leading, made for the long run, have to have to build - will probably ideologically correct. Regarding a port up to a large extent the same thing tactic. If you can not protect them, respectively, discover cannot make sense of building.

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That's really who juzat, nepereyuzAt! Beginning to make these lads in the first place by the end of your truce (naturally All things considered a half-hour truce if not more) people has very much that they will have enough knowledge to organize a powerful attack, leaving the riding Cossacks terrorize a back corner and flanks the enemy.
Okay, enough flaunting and masteral (very specific) to go to the case. I confess that to gold in runescape what is best suited and Serdyuk, devoid of the support of stabbing arms undoubtedly, I got excited. Truly case, remember if we together the dragoons kirassirami (1 to 2) provide you with utilizes successful attack. Concern as most people afterwards Cossacks didn't need. Enough in order to be 30 per 100 Cossacks Serdyukov "cover". In defense, the tactic varies. Keep enemy of a breakout can Serdyuk every other forces (via the be held not what heroes, or even kirassiry and Reiter, to tell you that nothing of pikemen) but just how about how to deal with the enemy arrows (?) Currently its here that you and wish so unfairly mixed in the direction of Cossack cavalry - in secheviki sosoyanii spoil life any shooters (but effective variety of Serdyuk - 47 steps, so exactly the Dragoons, the Scots and also "deficient" Musketeers: Bavarian, Prussian, Saxon and Danish, so other shooters very afraid must, or even more, than you - then everything certainly are the level of bleeding). In to the attack, I identify that the attack Serdyukov safer to move a sizable chain of shooting, paying more awareness to depth buy rs accounts inside the troops, rather than density of an chain. Better the space between adjacent units - the higher quality (within reason not surprisingly), the particular brave enemy that osmelyatsya reach your front rows, pacify, deeper placed arrow.
Almost any transform into economic issues. Serdyuk fairly economical (the shot is spending simply 1 iron and 3 One unit of coal), so that financial view, to label it exceptional unit. Serdyuk - perfect since Saxon musketeer 18th century, the shooter amongst people (and included 1.6 times faster) so as good as all, without exception, the elite (and neochen) shooters of the 17th and 18th centuries. What upsets, completely - chance of construction. But judge wallet - when they have been the incidence of construction like pikemen about the 17th century (Four times faster, oh, sorry that no such up-grade regarding the infantry, business transactions on - "playing your boots into the infantry (Final results runescape free servers of construction about the Russian and Ukrainian Corps to 4 times faster) ") ??it would not Serdyuk, and infantryman following a 24-millimeter hand gun musket-design Degtyarev sample 16 (19) 44. And French huntsman and Serdyuk proportional: Serdyuk Twice cheaper, however huntsman built twice as fast. However, I don't expect fact slip, as Cossack houses may possibly be constructed to asses the gold electronic barracks Eighteenth century, to assist possible to satiate.
I think, Serdyukov - definitely one unit, which may perfect for download additionally, you will protect now to attack (first - another panic in the beginning, and secondly - you've enough money). 'till the end of pump Serdyuk Regarding obtained a 29-minute, not on the valuation on other troops, to the (Serdyukov) obtained 300 heads. Perfectly as the use of protection - 21 (greater than Cossack horseman), it must be applied to all cylinders.

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Surely a lot of people on the floor superhuman Saxon! The suitable Saxons strongest infantry within your 1700s, genuinely continue to inside cavalry swung! Who, I ponder, Saxony slept drag (!) Large lost in conjecture.
Let us leave emotions asleep and start mastering the discussion. Many, the trooper - not like strong unit. But. Remains to be overweight some reservation. Have you learn how much last up-grade 30 of being protected? Yes, on the runescape money buy same given that the last upgrade mine! Yes, take in the amount used just one of Saxon becomes sickly ambitious walking pumping? Exactly. It is a very, that you understand, terrible warrior: hard sitting in the saddle, no one knows guidelines on how to fight for a long period off a couple dozen or more accursed pikemen, eventually strategy to strike over the sword due to the fact should, with the intention that here which, as they say no, some interjections.
To sum up, dear reader, with continuous construction of guards will likely be the main section of production, the equivalent of, 81 thousand gold and 96 000 meals (+ pumping to cuirasses) for transit security prior to when you would need to enter it on your own glorious cavalry. Whilst still being manages to pump while countless mines. Here is a little problem here. All would flow to the economy. Contrive to function guard - a victory for your, if they're not - then alles kaput.
As for those enhancing construction, is usually - there. Speed ??of construction is much more that kirassira 1.Twice (understand, very little, and so by you rs accounts for sale may on average 1.Double, yes, and you're simply stronger than life ...), 30 hit-points more, but cost you a little more, again is 1.Two times. However you will agree - the guards abruptly.
Guards can attack and counterattack, for the most part - push them anywhere, but, most importantly, before that, simply three questions: "Is it recommended?", "Why should it be necessary?" and "What is my face?". In principle, crashes cool to hold on to them in reserve, just after which, after exhausting the enemy, to give his cavalry guards and completely crush them. Indeed, considering the great Kutuzov: "No general wasnt broken until it comes with a reserve." Guards may also be used while in the retreat - hold to the enemy, as well as it the chance to build more troops, bring them perfectly into a fist and, again, getting accepted the runescape guides enemy. Incidentally, conducted an experiment: put 160 into your end prokachanyh guards in building specific niche market, and contrasted all of them 320 to separate prokachanyh constructed by 50 % building, British kirassirov (British, because they attack not 33, as always, and 34 Body unit to learn more). They fought somewhere minutes, probably ten. This is - without catalyzing the shooters. Thus all guards are dead, and poluizranenyh kirassirov left about 150. The impact speak for their own use: yuzayte, children, the guardsmen.
Yes, yes, yes! I almost forgot. Perform guards employ a remarkable property: following build the jamb 160 guards, that is a wedge, the bonuses unquestionably: Attack 10, 9 and protection! This is what it turns out, the attack is 23, so that as much protection under the 50-nm, owning a possible crazy. Develop a 160-nm guards just cannot!
Saxon guard is most advantageous, or perhaps any Saxons, to pump until the completed and on defense basically attack. Exploiting the ultimate place - in order to safeguard. The attack you may get caught up - enough to get and prokachanyh broadswords.