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I am here Train.  Happened

I wiill go to ##city!

Long time no see!  Happened

How are you guys?

Today is October 1th in 2010!

I had tried things.
What is it?

I was running......

So tried........

But my girlfried will come my house tomorrow.

I love her so much(^^)

I am tried!  Happened

We have school festival next Sunday.

So I have to make a project of **market and write a newspaper of table tennis club..

We are having a many things.

But when we will free someday,I will sleep well.

Now it is 23:35

Today is late.....

I must go to school tomorrow  

Oh today is late too!

I think that.

"What shall I and we do for earth?"

I always think it!

What do you think?


I am making a Newspaper now!  Happened

I went to bed at 3:00 so I am tried now.

But, I and we must study for home work.

I have to finish a newspaper of my homework.

I do not want to study-----

but, I must do it,

Because table tennis's before member have a event tomorrow.

We will go to Round one in Akita city.

And we will have good time I think that.

So, " You must study your home work soon" my mother said.

I think I was very poor..

How was the your Summer vacation?

I want to know your event and yourself.