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On a busy day for the firm Nippon, Olympus has introduced, in addition to its impressive EVIL Micro 4/3 OM-D, a new compact with an impressive look and a better nikon en-el3e, Olympus SZ-31MR. This little machine to take pictures is the successor to the large SZ-30MR, and incorporates all the great features that made this model of early 2011. The new SZ-31MR retains both the back-illuminated CMOS sensor capable of 16 megapixels of the previous version, as its incredible wide angle lens with 24 optical magnification, comparable to a 25-600mm.

The novelty of this camera comes on the heels of a new image processor, TruePic III that changes from two independent processor TruePic V, which in addition to incorporating the above advantages - such as shooting at full resolution while recording video FullHD - brings better performance in low light conditions, improvements to the default settings and better olympus li-50b and management of image quality when using the telephoto lens.

The new SZ-31MR integrates a high-definition LCD screen (920,000 dots) of 3 inches, and is able to get a maximum of 6400 ISO and record video in FullHD 1080p at 30 frames per second. The firm has also implemented the IHS technology inherited from the brand SLR cameras, combining high ISO modes and canon nb-2lh and burst modes of up to 10 images per second for pictures with more vivid colors and sharper when the conditions of light are not optimal.

This camera, you might consider entering the high-end compacts also incorporates image stabilization for both snapshots (Dual Image Stabilization) to video (Multi Motion Movie IS) and up to 12 different creative filters to make the most of our photos . When you reach the market in April, will be available for a price of $ 399, which would place it in the price range of the new nikon d300 battery announced yesterday.


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Apple's influence in the family of lightweight portable Ultrabook is undeniable. As much as we hate to admit it, most of the equipment of this type are very similar, and is partly due to the influence of the manufacturer cited Macbook Air, and partly because of the format requirements, on which there is not much to innovate due to their extremely fine frame profiles and contents. And if we believed that the similarities were going to stay there we were wrong. Most manufacturers - should be understood by manufacturers and those companies that manufacture the equipment from large companies like HP, Dell, and Acer, among others - laptops that equipped with apple ibook g4 battery are moving towards unibody format, or whatever it is, to housing manufactured from a single piece of metallic material, usually aluminum and magnesium alloy, mainly for reasons of production costs.

Quanta is the last MDG has embraced this trend, buying new CNC equipment to manufacture their own covers Unibody type for your customers and business partners. These computer controlled machines "dig" a whole piece of metal independently and dell inspiron 5100 battery, which helps lower production costs while at first it may seem otherwise, making the whole process much faster and with less presence of workers, rather than as Asian companies believe will be a benefit due to recent increases in base salaries - unfortunately, I ate so served .

The more time passes it becomes clear that the system chosen by Apple to manufacture its new computers was not a fad, not a matter of prestige, but on budget. Normally, the MDGs charge to third party companies specialized in the manufacture of these pieces, but the high demand for Apple makes most of these companies do not be overwhelmed, which is forcing manufacturers to choose to purchase or rent this hp pavilion ze2000 battery , others already have.

Meanwhile, Compal, another large manufacturer responsible for producing the machines of many of the big names in computing and consumer electronics, instead of purchasing IBM thinkpad r40 battery are working directly with the manufacturer of housings Chinese Ju Teng to expand its capacity production of such parts, from 1,200 to more than double machines, 2,500, before it reaches the summer. Inventec and Winstron also principal actors in this film are doing the same, although the latter still on the hunt for a supplier, is looking for alternative solutions based on different materials, which provide results with the same thickness as the aluminum-magnesium alloy offering the highest quality and finishing options, which would doubtless stand out from the crowd. We wait for a future of more similar Ultrabooks built unibody format, which could help their prices drop significantly this year and next, with the invaluable help, of course, new CPUs from Intel Ivy Bridge, and competition will come from AMD.


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With the ASUS Prime Transformer (which we have analyzed in Engadget) walking his chances for the MWC 2012 and little more definitive for the most important event of the mobility of the year, so the next Apple iPad Kindle as the future make 9-inch Fire an appearance to take the flashes that point to the toshiba satellite m30 battery the first half of the year.

We start with the iPad 3, which according AllThingsDigital could occur just as soon as the end of the MWC 2012. In three weeks, for the first of March, so powerful is rumored that Apple will teach a apple powerbook g4 battery and a new tablet and with slight modifications.

iPad 3, better battery and screen

While throwing so many rumors it is normal for some guesses about the iPad 3, if we were to stay with the most likely, I'd bet on the vaunted new screen with higher resolution (2048 × 1536 pixels), the more power to take even greater advantage rivals as a media section, and may improve performance with a dell studio 1737 battery. The latest rumors place technology in the new Sharp screen iPad 3.

Amazon by a key size

The other player involved in the world of the tablet is nothing more and nothing less than Amazon. The rumored Dell latitude d500 battery also very over size jumps to the scene again and puts AllThingsDigital for the first half of this year. The new Kindle Fire could accommodate a 9 inch screen size in addition to a second-generation 7-inch tablet.

When will the movement of large tablets with Android? ¿Will wait for others to move tab or dare to teach news in Barcelona?


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Presented at the last CES 2012, the new top-end TV from Samsung is sure to become the object of desire for more of a lover of technology. For all its advances, the Samsung ES8000, I think has little to envy to any TV that Apple finally pull the market. Well, Samsung just confirmed that the Lenovo thinkpad x61 tablet battery is available now for purchase at any dealer ... of Korea.

Okay, the thing is tricky: for now only in Korea but you all know that Asian firms tend to market their new teams, first in its own territory (as with the Nintendo 3DS or HP pavilion dv2000 battery) and finally as the acceptance have seen in your local market, try to refine the units required for release abroad. I remind you that you could say that the ES8000 is the most advanced TV time.

With a Full HD screen and compatible with popular 3D highlighted with a metal frame and a support virtually nonexistent minimalist design. That's not all, since it includes major developments in control systems, like the new remote control Smart Touch 2012 of which we told you about recently. But what is really striking is its control capabilities for voice and gestures, since they do not really need anything more than your voice or a hand movement to control all the TV to your liking. Look at this Dell latitude d600 battery and you will become an idea what I mean.

Say finally that all equipment include apple a1079 is based on a dual-core processor and Evolution Kit includes functionality, allowing us to upgrade the hardware via plug-ins that will connect in the back of the TV. All this without forgetting the ability to install applications, the integrated video camera and of course, the voice commands and gestures. In short, the TV with the most advanced control time.


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Canon not only today introduced a new range of compact cameras for all applications, tastes and colors, but also took the opportunity to announce other teams maybe not so shocking, but equally interesting. For starters, we have 3 new series lenses Canon EF and a new canon bp-808. Perhaps the most shocking of all is the zoom lens 24-70mm f/2.8 L II USM, which is to replace the equipment currently in the manufacturer's catalog.

The novelty is a new set of lenses, as well as coverage improves color fidelity, avoiding effects such as "ghosting". Besides, we have an anchor to leave the fixed lens to the focal length you want. Finally, we have replaced the diaphragm 8 parts, by one of 9 parts, which also improves the overall quality of the nikon d700 battery. Unfortunately we have had to be on the way the image stabilizer, which pushed the price too final team. An already high price, since that will be released in April for $ 2,299.

This zoom is supplemented with 2 new objectives such as "Prime" in 24mm and 28mm with apertures of f/2.8, sure will appeal to lovers of fujifilm np-45 battery. Especially for its ultrasonic approach here yes, the built image stabilizer. Both teams will also April respective prices of $ 849.99 and $ 799.99.

The last team was presented by his new Canon Photo Printer Selphy CP810 portable. As in the case of the zoom lens, replaces the CP800 model, improving the presence of a movable LCD screen 2.7 "direct printing by pressing a single button and automatically improves the printed image, such as improving the sony np-bd1
, or brightness changes in the final image. The team is completed with card reader and direct printing from camera. It goes on sale for £ 99 in May.