Woman with high heels  

I come home, never asked the mother did not come back, not my rude, it is not necessary, because I found a pattern: when the door if they saw a pair of high heels, which is the mother to come back; if the door two pairs of different styles of christian louboutin cheap, it is my mother took a friend to come back, I can shoe style guess who this person is generally guessed very accurate.
See high heels to think of the masters of the shoes, they think a woman because the woman's life will to a certain relationship and high heels. Chromic high heels in a pair of slippers, 17-year-old fashion girls wearing; a pair of dark red header leather heels, is a favorite with women of a mature career; color is gorgeous, old red high heels, and generally lower for the identity of middle-aged women loved. No matter what the identity of women love high heels, its a soft spot. However, I do not like high heels, although it is very beautiful, the figure looks very slender, slim, but also a price to pay in the United States at the same time, obviously a pair of good feet, when they are crammed into after some ravages of christian louboutin shoes sale, you see, must be full of foot calluses, and some even had deformed, walking is also very convenient, easy to wrestling.
Reminds me of the ancient Chinese women's bound feet, put a pair of good natural feet, wrapped into the lotus feet, deprived of the freedom of the foot, high heels better than it where to go, although the former is so cruel, but people with bound feet compelling, and you wear high heels, but it is voluntary it! Are high heels a woman the only option for you? That also good-looking sports shoes, sports shoes are suitable for men and women, and, wearing a woman feet, and no features, and high heels are a woman's patents, wear high heels a woman will appear more feminine. Thus, while wearing high heels will bring a lot of inconvenience and suffering, but in order to the United States, women are willing to pay such a price. In fact, far more than red bottom shoes for men, many beauty things behind, always hidden in some harsh. Such as ballet, those dancers dance on stage, dancing light and soft, but these is how much hard work and sweat in exchange for ah? The wonderful sound of the piano, is not a casual pop-up to Once, I saw an artist in the play the zither, I heard very heart, but when I approached her, but found her hands covered with calluses. After some conversation, she realized she had practicing hard, her fingers are often worn bleeding, but the insistence of many years, she had today's achievements.
I was a kid, have not worn high heels, after wear do not wear that I am not sure, but the price to be paid to the pursuit of beauty, I am willing to assume.


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