Men’s Formal Dress

Men’s Formal Dress

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What is being loaded it? As the name suggests, formal attire is formal occasions, rather than entertainment and home environment of the dress. In particular, the men are loaded should have the following five characteristics:

1. three-color principle

Three-color principle is the classic business etiquette in foreign countries were highlighted and domestic famous protocol experts have repeatedly stressed this principle, simply put, is the man who’s color should not be more than three kinds, very close to the color as for the same.fmlww0825

2. the principle has lead

Have received the principle that is being installed must have a collar, no collar of clothing, such as T-shirts, sweatshirts are a class can not be installed. Men are installed in the lead often in the collared shirt.

3.button principles

Majority of cases, formal style of clothing should be buttons, zippers clothing can not normally be referred to as being installed, some of the more serious of the jacket is in fact not be installed.

4.belt principle

Men’s pants must be a belt, through elastic rubber can not be wearing the pants suits, jeans are not natural. Even the trousers, if the belt can not line it rules, it also shows that this is not suitable for your pants waist.

5.the principle of shoes

Dress can not do without shoes, sports shoes and cloth shoes, slippers can not be is installed. The most classic suits shoes are lace-like, but the trend changed with the convenience and practicality of the idle-free zone shoes have gradually become the mainstream.

Common expression is loaded

The most common formal men’s wear, we often saw in the white-collar workers are the “shirt + suit + tie + trousers + shoes” in fact, in the summer wearing only shirts and trousers are also being installed in the embodiment of the collar of the tunic style areas are also being fitted suit. Perhaps you say, “I saw many famous entrepreneurs, and even on TV is wearing casual clothes, such as Zhang Chaoyang, such as Bill Gates etc..You’re right, but do not forget that the reader of this article is not for people like them, if you have one day to reach this position, you can follow your ideas to make significant individual chapter. If you still are what we call a rookie entering the workplace, then you are still wearing suits honestly it!

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