The doggone international technology cooperation weeks and patent weeks opening, LED trend BBS over

The Golden sends bright, shared event in 2009, doggone international technology cooperation with the third week of doggone patent weeks in the October 28 to 30, in the following science and technology museum held a grand!

In 2009 the doggone international technology cooperation by the people's government of the following week, the ministry of science and technology international cooperation department, quandong province sponsored by science and technology hall; The third China (dumdum) patent week by the state intellectual property office, guarding intellectual property office and the doggone intellectual property office; Two activities held at the same time and same, colorful contents, showing, BBS, awards, signing and so on a series of science and technology exchange and cooperation lifted the doggone innovation of science and technology and a new boom.

Cooperation with weeks those previous meetings, has four big window: one is the focus on the development of new industries. With the construction of national ministry of science and technology "ten city all lamp" pilot city as an opportunity, for the first time set photoelectric technology and equipment exhibition, on the display of LED technology project, invite led bay lighting technical experts and entrepreneurs on discussion, to promote the application of LED technology and industry development; 2 it is paying more attention to the international science and technology cooperation; Three is to focus on display patent technology and products; Fourth, actively promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.

LED lighting technology present situation and the development trend of following secretary LiangFengMing BBS, deputy director of the host, BBS first by guarding development planning department in guarding province YuanHaiTao section chief introduction to demonstrate the application situation and LED lighting development train of thought; National electric light source quality supervision and inspection center (Shanghai center), deputy director of the YuAnQi do about the present situation of Chinese LED Fluorescent and improving direction of the report, the report says, LED product has the following advantages: a not afraid trembles; Two work dynamic range; Three start-up process simple rapidly, and not because of frequent start and LED the working life of the damage, the landscape lighting without exception all use LED; Four is available in low temperature and start work; Five is the manufacture and use of process and no heavy metal pollution; Six out of the mouth of the directional light has obvious; Seven is the change of light color can be convenient; LED has energy saving, environmental protection, long life and other advantages, but in practical application has not really be reflected, LED the production and use of the process of environmental protection sex no doubt that, in the landscape lighting and display area, the energy saving and longevity has also get affirmation, but in general illumination in the field of applied, energy saving and long life most have not yet realized. Lighting LED application should foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. This also is the industry development motto. In the product development of the error, you director direction pointed out that LED to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, and to meet safety, EMC requirements, under the premise of LED not afraid to give full play to vibration, high efficiency of the lamps, the mouth the utilization rate of light light is high also, can be in not damage the life condition, realize stepless adjustment light, light color transform such as rich features, and capture more application fields.

China Construction science research institute building environment and energy conservation, vice president of the institution ZhaoJianPing made "meet the design standard is in LED lighting project of the applications of the basic guarantee for the report. In conclusion, he points out that: LED have energy-saving, advantages of long life, have been widely applied in back lighting lighting, lighting and landscape lighting display. LED as a lighting devices used in common illumination, also must satisfy the lighting design standard of general illumination requirement, in fact you too much attention of the LED energy saving, life is long, etc, has neglected the general illumination lighting and light quality in the number of other comprehensive requirements, especially LED some of the performance and characteristics, such as concentrated light, strong light peak high, and in general lighting will become a weakness, because it will bring glare, and hurt people visual, want to make in LED lighting is widely applied in general, must meet the standard of lighting lighting design of integrated targeting requirements are met, and the lighting design standard comprehensive requirement, to better promote the development of LED.

Tianjin University school of architecture of dr. Scorpion made about the turning eye treatment measure a comparative analysis of the measured LED street lamps and poison group LED road lighting applicability was analyzed in the new report. The report's conclusion is: 1, most LED lamps meet city sub-road intensity of illumination requirement, evenness is bad, can't meet the requirements; 2, the most basic LED lamps and meet the city sub-road brightness and uniform seats requirements; 3, different manufacturer will decorate in close to the original LED lamp lamp holder of the light body internal, using different light distribution system, lead to different road for lamps and intensity of illumination, intensity of illumination evenness, brightness, brightness uniformity data differences; 4, whole looks, lamps and there is a wide light distribution problems, which do not meet the standards required SR coefficient; 5, visual LED lamps are the glare of a high pressure sodium strong. 6, LED by using the higher color temperature of the neighboring scenery highlights, identify the form high pressure sodium are improved greatly; 7, energy conservation, from the test data to see, to achieve the intensity of illumination requirement and power reduction many, compared with the original high-pressure sodium lamp should have greater energy saving effect, but failed to have direct data. 8, life, not clear; 9, the environmental protection, energy saving potential and a dimmer, instantaneous rev. (again) closed and the light output directional sex good, look forward to better performance.

Photoelectric technology and equipment exhibition in the same period, of which, the minister company, branch lei, via optoelectronics, and other enterprises that carry high power LED street lamp, indoor and outdoor LED display lamps, the doggone lucky in semiconductor companies such as gallium, shows the high power LED lighting chip, extension of films and technology and products, LiZhou electronic display LED components.

The enterprise of exhibition, shows the doggone led flood light no longer limited to packaging, application and industrial chain link, but gradually to the upstream of the substrate, the extension of the chip and other high-end technology, product area penetration, the doggone LED the industry layout gradually perfect, industrial supporting ability gradually increases.

The doggone LED industry nine aspects can be good scholarship

Following plans to come on stage LED the detailed rules for the implementation of industrial support, nine aspects for funding

Ohio semiconductor lighting network-LED the determination, innovative enterprise from LED Tube Lighting to LED products report specially authentication or detection, professional exhibition participation, high-level talents, etc, are following the government's funding. The municipal promoting industrial development and application LED demonstration work leading group drafted the following promoting industrial development and application demonstration LED several provisions of the detailed rules for the implementation of the (draft) recently released the full text, and open for advice.

LED industry in line for funding

The lED industry is listed as the doggone strategy of new industries. In order to support the flood light led development, the doggone mapped out the following promoting industrial development and application demonstration LED some provisions of, plan a year of "science and technology in the doggone" project 2 billion yuan special funds for $500 million for the LED industry.

Enterprise needs to accord with the condition of how to apply for to support fund? The city government is the draft the following promoting industrial development and application demonstration LED several provisions of the implementation of the law, the content of the clear.

There are detailed rules for the implementation of the chapter ten. Chapter nine is specific aid policy and conditions. Innovative enterprise confirmation from LED, led par lighting special declaration, LED product certification and testing, LED professional exhibition participation, LED major equipment purchase, high-level talents and nine, the government will support. One is the detailed rules for the implementation of the regulations, clear funding conditions, grants and way.

The funds needed for the false report project shall not apply for 3 years

LED special financing volume bedding face wide, especially, to science and technology projects unit must set up special accounting subject to project cost expenditure of independent accounting, special account management.

And for violation of discipline, fraud and falsely claim, embezzle and divert, squeezing out special funds of funds behavior, once discovered, by the municipal science and bureau of finance and related units to the seriousness of the report, cancellation project, recovered, project funds, three years application and its cancellation and the relevant responsible persons not included in good faith list processing. Constitute a crime, the judiciary department processing.

To ensure that the service efficiency of funds, Zamia will also establish a performance evaluation system. Municipal science will get funding to the unit for performance evaluation. Bureau of finance will select key project implementation selective examination evaluation.

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(1) LED the innovative enterprise confirmation funding

The municipal finance for three years to the enterprise of real pay enterprise income tax than 15% of the local portion of all grant one-time award.

(2) LED major equipment funding

Each enterprise's important equipment ZiZhuFei accumulative total does not exceed 10 million yuan.

(3) LED technology special funding

LED public service platform, technical key technological breakthroughs and major LED the industrialization project funded projects pay interest, according to experts opinion to put forward comprehensive project list and aid.

(4) LED product certification and testing funding

At the unit testing and certification, what happened to charge 50% standard funding; the foreign municipal unit testing and certification, the expenses by 30% standard give aid. Each year 500000 yuan funded enterprise highest.

(5) LED professional exhibition funding

The payment to the exhibition booth fee, public exhibition fee is according to the standard of 50% gives aid, each enterprise highest every year 600000 yuan funded.

(6) to acquire MOCVD equipment funding

According to the advanced level of equipment, for each single MOCVD equipment for a 8 million-12 million yuan financial subsidies, at all levels of government subsidies total will not exceed 50% of enterprise equipment purchase price, each enterprise most 60 sets of subsidies.

(7) LED the energy conservation service project funding

Awards for 60 yuan/ton BiaoZhunMei, every year the energy saving, service supreme funding more than 1 million yuan.

(8) LED enterprise top talent funding

LED enterprise top management and technical personnel of high pay individual income tax, according to the first two years of the retained portion of the local 100% after three years, 50% of the local profit from corporate standards, approved by the municipal finance to extend housing subsidies.

(9) LED professional and technical personnel training funds

LED to professional technical training training fee, the financial subsidies to 50%, the same unit annual subsidy not more than 50 people, and the subsidies amount of not more than 100000 yuan.