10 G.o.o.d.H.e.a.l.t.h. Ways to Make Sure Your Website is Caught Up to the 21st Century


Sure, you probably have a website. Almost everyone does. Have you looked at it lately? I mean really looked at it.Many companies, especially those in the healthcare industry, will focus their advertising/marketing dollars on popular mainstream media (television, newspapers, etc…). BUT what happens when someone who sees your great オークリー ゴーグル ad on TV decides to visit your website and all they see is an antiquated, lifeless site? They’re not going to view you as the high-tech facility you pride yourself to be.It is important when branding to make sure you take a look at ALL aspects of your public persona: TV and newspaper ads; signage at your facility and other events; letterhead and envelopes used by all departments of the facility; promotional products handed out at recruiting events and to employees; and last, but most certainly not least, your website.Below are 10 ways to clean up and breathe some new life into your old website:1. Graphics – Make sure images you use are clean and sharp. High resolution photos of your facility, grounds, staff and フェラガモ パンプス even current patients can help give miumiu財布新作 a more personal feeling to your site.2. Opt-in Box – Use something that will capture the visitor’s information to keep them on your mailing list and mbt 効果 give you a reason to keep in touch on a regular basis. This can easily be accomplished with a service like Constant Contact or Swiftpage. These are both easy-to-use programs with pre-made templates to help the author quickly turn out a very professional piece of literature ゴーグル オークリー (like a newsletter) on a regular basis.3. トリーバーチ 鞄 Offer sufficient information on each page to help your visitor make an informed decision. Nothing is more frustrating than being directed to a certain page on a website and not being able to find what you’re looking for. Make sure all information listed is current and correct and all links are “live” and go to where they promise.4. Directions, Physical Address, Email Address, Contact Us – It can be on one page or オークリーサングラス multiple pages, but make sure it’s clear how and where your potential customers can get to you.5. Home Page – This page will define you, mbtシューズ your facility/practice and your brand. Make sure オークリー サングラス 激安 you capture your visitor’s attention with the first look. Better to keep it simple, use high-quality graphics and don’t use a lot of text. Visitors want something easy to look at (so don’t use yellow color text) and want to be able to find what they’re looking for.6. Easy Navigation – A website that is easily navigated is more user-friendly…so…your visitors will stay longer!7. Articles – Keep your visitors informed with timely, current articles. Also include these in your newsletter to hold your target market’s interest. Visitors want information – they thrive on it! Give them what they want with well-written, well-researched articles. Also, the spider bots love new content on a regular basis – this is a good way to keep them active.8. Look Before You Leap – Take a look at your successful competitor’s websites. They are successful for a reason, so don’t recreate the wheel, just take a few pointers from them. I’m not suggesting you copy their site or layout, but take a look at the ease in navigation, the graphics, the home page, and the depth of information they’re offering. They’re obviously doing something right.9. Testimonials from satisfied customers help lend credibility to you and your brand. What type of advertising works best? Word of mouth. By posting testimonials of REAL patients and customers, your visitors will easily identify with them and will be more likely to use your service and/or product.10. Have a purpose for every web page and make sure that purpose is easily identified! Don’t have full staff bios on the Contact Us page. That page has a purpose – show your visitor how to contact you – don’t muddy it up with other information that isn’t pertinent. You can always create another page called Meet the Staff.It’s so important in this high-tech culture we live in to make the right impression and give sufficient information to the people who visit your site. If you don’t, they’ll find someone who will.