Crusher to the development of energy-efficient direction

Crusher to the development of energy-efficient direction

Due to selected iron equipment in the iron ore in the matter of reserves accounted for a large proportion reached 48.8%.To identify the mineral processing and beneficiation equipment selected iron to handle the equipment, material has a very important significance for the development of the development of our country mines and the steel industry as a whole.Our beneficiation workers in recent years through the unremitting efforts to iron selection equipment, mineral processing technology and equipment has been greatly developed, the grade of iron concentrate has been greatly improved.Individual concentrator has reached the 70% national average increase of more than l%; and the impurity content was significantly decreased, some concentrator application of a single magnetic separation of silica content jaw crusher down to below 2%.To the ironmaking create a favorable conditions, but also the development of mine. The following problems are as follows: a dressing product fineness not reasonable dissemination size of the selected iron equipment material is uneven, ranging from a few microns to several millimeters have, and in the same mine the same ore body the same problem, a lot ball mill of difficulties for the processing operations.Process now to meet the process requirements in order to choose the separation of iron equipment alicey999 Monomer, it will have minimum dissemination size as a standard dressing, which resulted in excessive wear of the parts of minerals. Minerals generated through grinding, the mineral particles of the key force of their own inertia force, so that the beneficiation process has become not do anything, the consequence of the reduction of the concentrate grade and lower metal recovery, the reason for the existence of such phenomena , the following factors. (1) single mineral processing equipment.A single species of mineral processing equipment in China, and only in the concentrator on the market today only several types of choice, nothing more than self-mill, ball mill, rod mill.Since ball mill the ball mill mill to its selective beneficiation stronger dressing workers optimistic, but its hard to wear the existence of particles gave promote the application created a significant obstacle.This is because the broken system of treatment of hard grinding particles of iron into the very strict restrictions alicey999 on non-ferromagnetic metal removed is difficult to do, the ferromagnetic metal is difficult to separate magnetic minerals, stone crushing system is difficult to run, so that self- the mill's production capacity can not be improved, can not meet the dressing requirements of production, thus limiting the promotion and application since the Mill in the mountains of iron selection equipment.Accurate in addition to the iron equipment, stone crushing system to relax the restrictions on the iron boundaries and directions for future research. Domestic beneficiation of workers and equipment manufacturers in recent years carried out research in this area, but received some results.Column mill in field trials, to obtain some very important data, has laid a foundation for future scientific research.Ball mill in addition to its role outside of the specifications, its limited range of choice.