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Ideal zee school celebrated the colour day' to emphasise on the concept of purity and this page virtuousness, said a release from the school.The students were dressed in white and brought white toys.Skits were organised to make the students understand the values of virtue and innocence.

K'sirs international school louis vuitton handbags uk sale celebrated pongal by preparing pongal in a clay pot and encouraging the students to make colourful kites.

A release said the school also organised cultural programmes like oyilattam and kummi.Swamini nirupamamrita chaitanya of amritanandamayi math inaugurated the function.

The students of national model higher secondary school celebrated (More Here) pongal by following the rituals practised in villages.Mime, songs, dance and distribution of sweet pongal also marked the celebration, said a release.

Dr.Dasarathan international school, coimbatore, celebrated pongal in a traditional manner.

A release said the celebrations gave an opportunity to students to experience the festival in an authentic manner.A cow was taken to the school and decorated in front of the students.The importance of the harvest festival was explained to louis vuitton bags uk the students.

The sri kumaran matriculation school at chengapalli in tirupur district, conducted a naturopathy and yoga treatmentcumawareness camp for its staff recently.


Bagging the rm for flood decisions

A st.Francois xavier resident is calling for a review of how the rural municipality distributes flood protection materials.

Delmer nott said he was upset by the fact that the rm did not give him sandbags to protect his property from cheap louis vuitton bags sale floodwaters this past spring.As a result, he wants a provincial review of how municipalities handle flood preparations across the province.

"At one point i was told by the local emo(Emergency measures organization)That the dike does break, your house will be under 10 feet of water so why would we waste sand bags on you? "

Nott said that he has written letters to manitoba water stewardship, mla mavis taillieu and mp candice hoeppner urging them to investigate the issue.

"I am trying to lobby a review board that can Great Deals look into questionable decisions made during floodfighting efforts,"He added.

Nott, who lives five miles east of poplar point on the assiniboine river, said he doesn understand why some residents in the municipality received sand bags to protect tool sheds and play structures but he had to do without.

Sfx officials maintain that the rm was following established protocol when it denied nott request for sandbags.

"Mr.Nott property is located within the(Provinciallyowned)Assiniboine river diking system and none of the properties in that area received sandbags from the municipality,"Reeve roger poitras said.

"That dike was wellmaintained and was being patrolled by the province all throughout the flood.It was that system that provided protection for the houses in that area, so the sandbags where reserved for people who didn have that primary protection. "

Nott acknowledged that his home suffered no water damage during this year spring flooding.

Still, that did louis vuitton women bags little to ease his concerns.

"One of the breeches that did occur along the diking system occurred within 100 yards of my property,"He said.