Wash shoes

2012/3/20 | 投稿者: bainli

Wash shoes
This morning, I got up to see their shoes after dirty, he thought of his should give it a clean.
Eat good breakfast, I took the face basin, the brush, the article such as shoes to the yard. And then, I brought a face basin to tap water faucet put some water.
Start cleaning shoes, I first shoes wet. And then, my shoes with a brush on the scrub back and forth. Shoes are on the side of mud to brush to, but on the side of shoes is difficult to wash away dirt. They depend on to there is not willing to move a body. How to do? Am I to be afraid of it? I have to think of a way to please them from my shoes from above. At this moment, I think of my mother usually shoes as if with the brush soap. So, I immediately took soap in the shoes on the edge of the brush some. Then, I picked up the brush on the side of the brush in shoes back and forth. I brushed ah brush, brush out many soap bubbles. I see the brush soap bubbles, the more you feel really fun. I also noticed that some soap bubbles from start black grey, gradually to light up, slowly become white. I continue to wipe. And wipe a while, I see the soap bubbles wipe out no longer is black, and so, I stopped to wipe, put the shoes in face basin. Shoes in face basin a, the above soap bubbles would melt into the water. I took a brush brush gently. And then, I picked up the shoes and see. Ah, the shoes really clean. There's just one thing the remnants of foam, things like that attached to them. So, I carry the shoes to the faucet. I turned on the tap. Clear water "huahua" to flow down. I had my shoes on the underwater side flush, side brush with the brush. Soon shoes became very clean. And then, I took my shoes to the balcony, put in the balcony on the border it let the sun.
Wait until afternoon, I return to a home, go to the balcony see shoes are dry and is so clean. I will laugh. From this time of labor in your shoes, I realized the benefits of labor.