How to Do an Easy Hard Drive Data Recovery

2012/3/7 | 投稿者: cccuping

When it comes to hard drive data recovery, no one would think it is easy. After all, the hard drive itself is rather complicated—a circuit board together with plenty of moving parts. Once you are facing hard driver failure, the first thing is not to regret or complain, but start to act.

Now, let’s see how to do hard disk data recovery step by step.

Decide whether it is a hardware problem that prevents you from access the hard drive data. A faulty circuit board is characterize with a drive that doesn't 'spin up', and therefore platters aren't turning beneath the copper wire. A faulty actuator arm or even more serious mechanical error is characterized by an abnormal clicking noise or perhaps a grinding noise. The very best advise in identifying whether you've got a hardware issue is to hear the seem of the hard disk. If you fail to hear the platters spinning (i.e. it's quiet when it's switched on) or else you learn more serious noises then you definitely should stop while using drive immediately.

Disconnect the hard disk from your computer. Otherwise those lost data would be overwritten, and you may lose the last chance to get your data back.

Find data recovery technicians or data recovery software to do hard drive restoration. There are many data recovery services out there, and you can pick up one that you can trust. Entrust your hard drive to them, and then you can receive professional help from them. The disadvantages of data recovery services are that they may charge you a lot, and cannot restore the data without prying into your personal data that stored on the hard disk.

If you want to keep your personal information safe and spend less money to fully recovery hard disk data, your best choice is using good data recovery software. You can use the software to do the recovery all by yourself and do not worry the security of your privacy, and it cost less than half of data recovery service. The hardest part is to compare different pieces of hardware and find the best one that can recover various kinds of data from all kinds of hard drive.