Day 2 of Nutshell  

casals is god's gift
nakata yasutaka is god's gift
green tea latte is god's gift
math is not

liars shall not be forgiven
nor should the believers
i regret talking rudely of liars though
they have their reasons

i will practice like yesterday again
again and again
again and again
again and again

i will never stop

yup that's my life in a nutshell




Day 1 of Nutshell  

my life is too complicated to fit in a shell
there are pot heads, assholes, and bitches
there are money, social, and mental problems
life is too short to even think about all this shit

that's why i started this blog

being a teenager is absolute hell
i hate high school
i disobey my parents
(even though i appreciate everything they do for me)
i only have one best friend
i'm a coward
i suck at everything i do
but i'm still willing to try
i want to run away

that being said

i'll miss all my buds when i transfer
i'll miss decorating my baby's locker today with euni
i'll miss going downtown with my asian crew
i'll miss going to BKC for korean frozen yogurt
i'll miss having my locker next to my bffls

but i guess that's life

yup that's my life in a nutshell so far



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