On the Spurs won course "is the pseudo-essay is also a false proposition

WASHINGTON yesterday morning, when the hit the fourth quarter of Game 6 of the Spurs Western Conference finals on Thunder , is precisely the time of the College Entrance Examination assignment, this time microblogging upload such a rumor: Fujian volume this year the college entrance essay proposition "On the Spurs win the course. Fans kept a microblogging soon proved to be false, unless the exam is a crazy Spurs fans; even if this exam is true, that is a false proposition, San Antonio 99107 lost to the Thunder, and missed the championship.
Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said after the game: "The second half our offense is like playing in the mud as difficult as the opponent to score too easy." Only started watching from the second half, hard to believe that the Spurs halftime lead of 18 points not understand is that they have 50 days to create a 20-game winning streak and lost four straight, the results within a week.
It was a week ago, the NBA , experts overwhelmingly predict the Spurs will get the Thunder in the finals, the last experts have become the "Brick House", pick up the bricks on their own feet. On the Spurs, however, even eliminated, they are still worthy of those that praise can do everything that has been done, but only that the force majeure - age.
This season of the Spurs, and achieved regular season in the the first western, and achieved a 20 of game winning streak, this miracle make people forget the they the age of. GDP 'trio combined for 103 years, traces of the years written on their face, the most obvious is Ginobili , then long hair fluttering pampas Eagle, "has become a bald eagle ".
"We are old." Ginobili after the game with emotion. Among the three less Thunder, Durant and Westbrook field playing time, averaging more than 40 minutes yesterday, Durant played the audience a whole bigger than they are a "GDP" of the zodiac do you?