Croatia to change the style to change the physical flow of rhetoric to win the group of ultra-West I

The performance of the Croatian audience fully worthy of this 3:1 victory, the whole match Croatia advantage in the data. The game, the Croatian team than Ireland is more violent, more will use the header to beat their competitors, they are completely defeated his opponent with the Irish way. Croatia's overall style has always been the technical stream, the team's average height of the highest in the European Cup team, coupled with the strong and the physical fitness of players, such a Croatian team is absolutely terrible!
  Terror Croatia
  Ireland coach is the Italians Giovanni Trapattoni, he bring to the team with the most solid defense, but the Irish people obviously did not learn the essence of the Italian defense, the first two clean sheets actually are the team mistakes. Ireland was respected soccer power play, but in the field Croatia significantly more powerful, than the Irish team will be headed. Three goals in this game there are two header which曼質調雋