Tourists keen to shun take the ancient Roman city of "stepping stone" was an

June 25, in recent years, visitors to Italy to play more and more vision aimed at the ancient Roman city, trying to paving stones trying to take home as souvenirs. In this regard, the person in charge of the Italian Ministry of Culture issued a warning visitors not free to steal the items of the ancient Roman city, to respect the ancient Roman cultural heritage.

  In recent years, several major Italian airport security staff found that the proportion of visitors illegal to bring the ancient city of items on the rise. Some visitors more than two thousand years ago for the laying of streets such as stones or mosaic Roman city building materials to sneak into the suitcase, an attempt to stay there security to return. And most grasp the current visitors to the "Nordic" and a little British tourists.

  Ge Like (Antonio Del Greco), the chief of police, said: "This is an unusual theft and similar illegal carrying behavior is still increasing. Main perpetrators of the Nordic people, they just stroll around the ancient Roman city freely remove a loose pebbles or mosaic. then he will be the boulders put into the trunk, with the home purported souvenirs. we are still tourists suitcase found in the ancient Roman Road to the milestone. "

  According to Ge Like, who was arrested the current "extremely embarrassing" feel apologetic side and not on their implementation of the arrest, just a warning to them. They will be the return of the ancient Roman city of souvenirs, they can get permission to go home.

  Rome City Hall, the person in charge of the Ministry of Culture the Bu Luoke column said: "I want to warn all tourists, the cultural heritage of the city of Rome can not be easily touched. Stealing these relics of the visitors showed their ignorance and ignorance. If you want to to souvenirs, they can buy from the store. "